How to Improve your Writing Skills

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How to Improve your Writing Skills by Mind Map: How to Improve your Writing Skills

1. 3)Practicing Your Skills

1.1. 1-Buy a notebook.

1.2. 2-Write down any ideas that come to you

1.3. 3-Fill up your notebook and keep going

1.4. 4-Join a writing workshop

1.5. 5-Write every day

2. 1) Improving the Basics

2.1. 1-Use active instead of passive voice

2.2. 2-Use strong words

2.3. 3-Cut the chaff

2.3.1. 3Cut the chaff

2.4. 4-Show, don't tell.

2.5. 5-Avoid phrases,

2.6. 6-Avoid generalizations

2.7. 7-Back up what you say

2.8. 8- Use metaphors and similes with caution.

2.8.1. Use metaphors and similes with caution.

2.9. 9-Break the rules

2.10. 10-Edit, edit, edit

2.10.1. Duration

3. 4) Crafting a Story

3.1. 1-Pick a topic and lay out a general arc for your story

3.2. 2-Write an outline

3.3. 3-Keep some space in your story outline to add characters, and what makes them who they are.

3.4. 4-Don't be afraid to hop around

3.5. 5-Don't be afraid to hop around

3.6. 6-Write the first draft

3.7. 8-Write it again

3.8. 9-Write it through to the end

3.9. 10-Read and share your story.

3.10. 11-Write the final draft

4. 2)Reading for Writing

4.1. 1-Pick up a good book or ten. Schedule

4.2. 2-Map the allusions that run through your culture.

4.3. 3-Make sure you understand why a classic work is considered great.

4.4. 4-Attend the theatre.

4.5. 5-Read magazines, newspapers, and everything else.

4.5.1. Budget

4.6. 6-Know when to put down your influences. Development Measurement

4.6.1. KPI's