Motorbunny Bot

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Motorbunny Bot by Mind Map: Motorbunny Bot

1. User messages MBbot

1.1. "Hi , we're so excited that you are interested in Motorbunny. We're here to help answer a few questions." " You'll also receive discounts and offers from Motorbunny via our bunny helper bot."

1.1.1. Cool, what is Motorbunny? [Picture of MB 1] "Motorbunny is a straddle-style personal pleasure machine, with a classic tried and true ride on top design. You plug it in, choose an attachment, and hop on! Compare to Sybian ®." More Info How Much is it? What comes with it?

1.1.2. How much is Motorbunny?

1.1.3. Where can I buy? You can buy it now at [ Go there]

1.1.4. Please let me know when you have discounts and offers "Ok! Do you own a Motorbunny?" No, but I'd like to Yes, I'd like to receive offers for accessories and attachments"

1.1.5. Chat with a real live Motorbunny helper Starts conversation with Motorbunny kik username