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10 Places by Mind Map: 10 Places

1. Texas

1.1. I want to eat the BBQ there.

1.2. I want to see a Texas rodeo.

1.3. I want to participate in a Dude Ranch.It allows you to live the Texas cowboy lifestyle.

2. Ireland

2.1. I want to tour the haunted castles of Ireland.

2.2. I want to be in the St. Patrick's Day festival.

2.3. I want to visit the museums in Dublin.

3. Mexico

3.1. I want to visit my relatives that live there because I never have.

3.2. Our money is worth a lot over there so I want to take 500 dollars over there and see how much that is worth.

3.3. The food is what I would want to taste especially the salsa.

4. Austrailia

4.1. I want to explore the Great Ocean Road Victoria.

4.2. I want to visit the Pink Lake.

4.3. I want to visit the Sydney Opera House.

5. Arizona

5.1. The sunny weather would be perfect to go swimming every day.

5.2. I want to explore the Grand Canyon.

5.3. I want to go canoeing in the Colorado River.

6. Florida

6.1. I want to go to Disney Land.

6.2. I want to go swimming at Naples Beach.

6.3. I want to go to St. Armands Circle.

7. Hawaii

7.1. I want to see Honokohau Falls.

7.2. I want to see if I can climb the Haiku stairs.

7.3. I want to go swimming in the black sand beach Punalu'u.

8. Tokoyo

8.1. I want to visit the Disneyland there.

8.2. I want to visit the Imperial Palace

8.3. I want to try sushi.

9. Paris

9.1. I want to go to the Eiffel Tower.

9.2. I want to visit a cafe and eat a croissant.

9.3. I want to go visit Saint Chapel.

10. Italy

10.1. I want to try the amazing foods and black pasta.

10.2. I want to explore Greek temples.

10.3. I want to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.