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iPads by Mind Map: iPads

1. Learning Assessment

1.1. See progress reports with the students

1.2. Create quizzes on the iPads for the students to take

1.3. Timed Math Activities

1.3.1. See how fast the students are able to correctly answer the math facts and track their progress

1.4. QuizLet

1.4.1. Has games/tests on information that you need for a certain topic in class

2. Learning Activities

2.1. There are lots of educational apps for iPads

2.1.1. Example of educational apps: Math Ninja, Mad Libs, iBooks, and many more Math Ninja App:

2.2. Research

2.2.1. The students can look up information on the iPads for projects given to them

2.3. eBooks

2.3.1. Students can listen to stories being told to them on the iPad by using eBooks and they can also look at the text at the bottom of the screen

2.4. Presentations

2.4.1. Once the students have completed projects they can present what they have created to their fellow classmates

3. Teacher Roles

3.1. Monitor

3.1.1. As an educator make sure that you monitor the students and what they are doing on the iPads because you don't want them to be doing something that they shouldn't be

3.2. Teachers can create their own lesson plans

3.2.1. Lesson Plan Apps: Lesson Planning, Teacher Plan, My Lesson Plan, and many more

3.3. They can also do research on them for when they create lesson plans or when a topic is brought up in class and they don't know much about it

3.4. Presentations from iPads could be a useful tool to use when wanting to present information to their students

3.5. A common apps that teachers use is Class Dojo

3.5.1. What Class Dojo is that it is a behavioral tool to use in the classroom. The students are able to gain points for doing good deeds during school. Those points can then be used towards rewards given from the teacher

4. Learning Goals

4.1. Being more interactive in the classroom

4.2. Collaborative group activities

4.3. Limits the teacher from speaking the whole time

4.3.1. Students now a days don't really like listening to their teachers speak all day, so by having the iPads they are able to do other activities during the school day

4.4. Just by using the iPads is an incentive to get to their goals because it is fun for the students to use them

4.5. In the long run by using an iPad we are saving money because we aren't using as much paper for certain worksheets