adaptive immune response

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adaptive immune response by Mind Map: adaptive immune response

1. development of T and B cells

1.1. lymphocytes

1.1.1. T-cell

1.1.2. B-cell

1.2. maturation site

1.2.1. T-cell thymus

1.2.2. B-cell bone marrow

1.3. have surface markers and receptors

1.3.1. f(x) bind to other receptors binds to Ag transmit and receive messages

1.3.2. common major histocompatibility complex(MHC) class i class ii class iii cluster of differentiation (CD) >300 CD4-bind to MHC ii CD8-bind to MHC i Ag-specific receptors mature T and B cell

2. presentation of Ag

2.1. Ag

2.1.1. substances that provoke the immune response

2.2. 1 Ag have > epitopes

2.3. Antigenicity detremined by

2.3.1. size

2.3.2. complexity

2.3.3. foreigness

2.4. presented by professional APCs

2.4.1. macrophages

2.4.2. dendritic cell

2.4.3. B-cell

3. B-cell response

3.1. differentiate

3.1.1. memory B cell stored immunological memory

3.1.2. regulatory B cell prevent excessive inflammatory and autoimmunity

3.1.3. plasma cell launch Ab attack invaders disable target

4. T-cell response

4.1. APCs activate

4.1.1. T-cell stimulate differentiations helper T-cell memory T-cell regulatory T-cell cytotoxic T-cell

4.1.2. B-cell