Camera System Considerations

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Camera System Considerations by Mind Map: Camera System Considerations

1. Power

1.1. YES, I have 110V AC power

1.1.1. Any type and any number of devices can be powered with 110V AC power

1.2. NO, I don't have AC power, off-grid power options to consider are:

1.2.1. Solar electric power

1.2.2. Battery powered

1.2.3. Generators

1.2.4. Fuel Cell Systems

2. Communications

2.1. Hardwired or wireless internet service provider for your internet access

2.2. Point-to-point wireless for cameras on your local network

2.3. LTE cellular service

2.3.1. Static IP usually required

2.3.2. No Static IP required if using our cloud service

2.4. Satellite internet service

2.5. Retrieve video manually

3. Lighting

3.1. Low light cameras

3.2. Cameras with IR light built in

3.3. Add LED IR or White light systems

3.4. Use thermal cameras

4. What is the purpose of this system?

4.1. Security

4.1.1. Intrusion Detection or Perimeter Protection Central station monitoring service Self monitored

4.1.2. General security purposes

4.2. Surveillance

4.2.1. What level of detail do you require? Monitor Detect Observe Recognize Identify Inspect

4.3. Intrusion detection system

4.3.1. Video verified alarm system

4.3.2. Real time live systems

4.4. Construction Camera Systems, Time Lapse, Project Managment

4.4.1. Hosted or self hosted video?

4.4.2. Do you require live viewing?

5. Camera Types

5.1. Fixed cameras

5.1.1. License plate cameras

5.1.2. 180 degree panorama cameras

5.2. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras

5.3. Thermal cameras

6. Video Management System (VMS)

6.1. VMS running onboard camera

6.1.1. Mobotix VMS is embedded at the camera level

6.1.2. Exacq Edge VMS runs on a 128GB SD card on board an AXIS camera

6.2. VMS running on server

6.2.1. For remote locations, a VMS can run on a embedded, fanless, solid state drive, industrial grade, ruggedized computer

6.2.2. For locations with full utilities, we usually recommend Exacq or Milestone VMS software running on a server

7. Servers and Storage

7.1. Onboard camera

7.1.1. Mobotix

7.1.2. Exacq Edge

7.2. Ruggedized embedded computers

7.3. Desktop or rack mount server for locations that have full utilities

8. Installation

9. Cloud based systems

10. Video Analytics

10.1. AXIS analytics

10.2. Mobotix analytics

10.3. 3rd party analytics

11. Service and Support

12. Options and Accessories

13. Warranty

14. Cyber Security Issues

15. Other Sensor Types

16. VMS software updates and camera firmware updates

17. Intrusion Detection Systems

17.1. Radar

17.2. ThermalRadar

17.3. PIR motion sensors

17.4. Video Verified Alarm System

17.5. Visual or thermal camera with video analyics, object classification

18. System Types & Form Factors

18.1. AC powered with network service, typical warehouse, industrial facility

18.2. Solar powered, mounted to pole

18.3. Rapid deploy, portable, lithium battery pack

18.4. Intrusion detection system, fixed or portable

18.5. Time lapse system, solar and wireless

18.6. LTE camera systems

19. Central Station Monitoring Services