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Sustainability Office Web Site by Mind Map: Sustainability Office Web Site
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Sustainability Office Web Site

Break this out into the main goals of the Office: 1. Institutionalize sustainability. Work proactively to integrate into the core responsibilities and daily activities of faculty, students, and staff. 2. Improve Environmental Performance / Manage the Campus Sustainability Plan. The Sustainability Office facilitated the drafting of UCSC's first Campus Sustainability Plan and continues to support the campus to refine, track, and implement goals and benchmarks for campus sustainability. 3. Create centralized communication, coordination, outreach, and education. Create a central space for coordination of campus sustainability activities and educational initiatives. 4. Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Plan for Climate Action. Work with faculty leadership, facilities staff, and administrators to finalize our Climate Action Plan. 5. Integrate sustainability into the classroom. Build bridges between operations and teaching and research to establish UCSC as a living, learning laboratory in which students can learn and apply sustainability principles and techniques.


Project Clearing House


I think it would be cool to use our UC Santa Cruz Sustainability Map as this site, which people could click on anything in the map to direct them to that link Maybe we can call this the Sustianabiliyt Map instead of governance too

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