HTH Quarterly check form IDR, HTH Membership

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HTH Quarterly check form IDR, HTH Membership by Mind Map: HTH Quarterly check form IDR, HTH Membership

1. We will be using this form to review Hack the Hood quarterly goals and plug in our own work and performance. HI Ricardo, I created this MM yesterday to address the meeting we are having today. I answered the questions and would like to review the doc with you at our meeting. IDR

2. Q1 2016 (Jan-March)

2.1. Improve workflow and delivery of Oakland and Partner bootcamps: develop and refine resources, processes, curriculum and training materials for Bootcamp & Train the Trainer, Build partner cohort that can deliver on our programs sustainably

2.1.1. Created a new approach to bootcamp management through Trello.

2.1.2. Worked with Max to utilized what worked and implemented that process through Trello.

2.1.3. Be utilizing this new approach, student progress is documented, creates a man pipeline of communications-transparency

2.2. Build management capacity through training and key hires

2.2.1. I have held two trainings Trello, Project Management MindMeiter, Mind Mapping

2.2.2. Supervising Arletha

2.2.3. Leading one of the Oakland Bootcamp Team includes, Danielle and Arletha

2.3. Support DMD and A-team youth with individualized support and cohorts

2.3.1. No connection ever made between this group.

2.4. Develop communications, volunteer and outreach programs

2.4.1. Slack, Trello,, MindMeister,

2.5. Funding to support infrastructure and staff capacity for core programs such as Boot camp and A-team with deep program team input.

2.6. Improve operations, processes, and organization infrastructure: greenlighting, sniff test, shared decision-making, partner decision criteria; more participatory grant writing

2.6.1. Trello baby!

2.6.2. Slack too!

2.7. Develop racial justice process and identify ways to improve power sharing in the organization: lead team expansion

2.7.1. Participated in the decision & nomination of lead team expansion process.

2.8. Create a supportive work environment; Find welcoming office space, increased benefits; develop wellness plan

2.8.1. Writing on the wall

2.8.2. Write board


2.9.1. What are the core goals Hack the Hood has in Q1 that you focused on achieving? (List 4-6 main goals, total) Introduction to A-Team Manage A-Team Re-design A-Team Year around Change name to HTH Membership Create gamified roles of achievement within the membership. Host Monthly events Host weekly meet ups Host semester event Support curriculum development TOT Summer Bootcamps Support HTH in organizational professional development. POP! Approach Trello Mind Mapping Slack Meeting Structure Case manage current active members. create trello baords for each Member Meet regularly with Members

2.9.2. What were some of the deliverables you created and or work you did to meet those goals? (List up to 10 items and align with goals) Created Trello boards for bootcamps and staff professional development. Created a Membership message board through Trello New vision for the A-Team Attended a training at GA Organized a staff learning environment around code training for staff. Attended outreach events Assisted in the development of the Open House Video idea Activity with guests Office decor

2.9.3. What do you see as the impact of completing and doing this work? (2-3 sentences) I see my impact carrying vibrations far and wide throughout our community. Connecting a younger audience, 13+, deepening the current member relationships through skills training and professional development.

2.9.4. Where there areas that were challenging? Team communication was lacking My ability to process quickly in a slower environment made the process boring

2.9.5. Where you fell short? Meeting up with each staff member one-on-one

2.9.6. What could help you address these issues for the future? Better communication development among staff. Working together to uplift staff's professional development. Utilizing my skill set to teach others

2.9.7. What professional development opportunities did you engage in this quarter? Implemented a Googler's approach to time management.

3. Q2 2016 (April-June)

3.1. Successful Train the Trainer Academy

3.2. Strong lead in for summer boot camps

3.3. Create evaluation and documentation framework for summer 2016

3.4. Develop 2016 plans for A-team cohorts and tent pole programs to support A-team

3.5. Strategic planning for 2016-2019: first pass on materials

3.6. Expand lead team; support staff development and accountability with management by objective/shared goals/metrics/quarterly check-ins

3.7. Partner fundraising & outreach campaigns

3.8. 2015 Audit without findings

3.9. Salesforce buildout and rollout, including training staff

3.10. Board meeting with staff meet and greet

3.11. Revise employee handbook

3.12. Begin quarterly financial reviews with all levels of the organization

3.13. Successfully deliver donor appeal in May, lay groundwork for crowdfunding campaign in Fall


3.14.1. What are the Hack the Hood Q2 goals you will focus on for the coming quarter? (List 4-6 main goals, total) Lead Summer Bootcamp Lead Met West Summer Bootcamp with Danielle and Arletha. Support Max's cohort. Manage staff member(s) Supervise Arletha, Manage Danielle and Arletha in summer bootcamp. Mange New HTH Membership Manage new HTH Membership Youth-led action/development Train Trello to Site Locs Training of the Trainers Support on all boards to provide a deeper understanding of the Trello process. Update Bootcamp Curriculum deveoplment Trello Module Create Trello workflow to address SMB Checklist through Trello Classroom board will address the SMB process. Salesforce used Salesforce goes to Trello Create Trello workflow to identify HTH Memebrs' needs and assesments Trello board for all the members. Create social media distribution solution workflows create asset sharing process Professional Development Attend trainings BIG DOPE GOAL! new position membership growth

3.14.2. What were some of the deliverables you will create and or work you will do to meet those goals? (List up to 10 items and align with goals)

3.14.3. What do you see as the impact of completing and doing this work? (2-3 sentences) I see my impact carrying vibrations far and wide throughout our community. Connecting a younger audience, 13+, deepening the current member relationships through skills training and professional development.

3.14.4. What are the core deliverables for you? Goals 1-9, minus 8

3.14.5. What will be the biggest challenges? Getting all parties up to par to execute the workload How do you want help to address them? Communicating the new transition from A-Team to HTH Membership.

3.14.6. What professional development opportunities will you pursue this quarter? NVC training Toast masters GA classes access