Essential features of a clinic website ( progress)

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Essential features of a clinic website ( progress) by Mind Map: Essential features of a clinic website ( progress)

1. About Page

1.1. Photos of you and your other practitioners

1.2. Bio, expanded

1.3. Brand story

1.4. Make yourself relatable, much like you are in person

1.5. Example from Watershed Wellness' website

2. Practitioners Page

2.1. All practitioners should be listed, bios

2.2. Nice to have a way to see all practitioners at once

2.3. Some examples from Watershed Wellness' website

3. Modalities / Medicine Page(s)

3.1. Can be infinite

3.2. Good for SEO as well as patients

3.3. Use language that makes sense for your niche

3.4. Provide downloadable copies if it makes sense

3.5. Don't forget about audio and video

3.6. Some examples from Watershed Wellness' website

4. Contact information, clinic location

4.1. Address, phone number, some form of electronic contact

4.2. Discuss how they should recognize the clinic, enter it, transportation options

4.3. Maps are nice, as are links to electronic mapping directions

5. CLEAR AND CONSISTENT information about scheduling (preferably with online options)

5.1. How should they schedule?

5.2. Outside of business hours?

5.3. Different for new patients?

5.4. What should they expect afterwards?

6. Patient portal / patient tools

6.1. "How to" type information

6.1.1. How to take your herbal formula

6.1.2. How to get refills

6.1.3. How to prepare for and recover from your session

6.1.4. How to know if you're getting better

6.2. Forms

6.2.1. If you can make them fillable - great

6.2.2. Try to make it easy for patients to know which forms to use

6.3. If you use electronic records, link to the records management for patients

6.4. Insurance, billing and other financial matters information

7. Maybe?

7.1. Video on front page introducing you, your practice

7.2. Extensive library of content (including downloadable handouts) about the medicine and how to benefit from it

7.3. Testimonials from past patients (anonymized) including links to review sites like Yelp

7.4. Employment/jobs page

7.5. "Start Here" page - important for extensive websites

7.6. Prices?

7.6.1. Best to list a price range, from your most discounted rate and simplest service to your most expensive rate and complex service, including all charges for cash and insurance patients. This helps you avoid potential problems with insurance companies and their insistence that insurance & cash patients are always paid the same (even when this isn't possible due to differing levels of service).

7.6.2. You can then give patients a quick, easy, painless and no-risk way to inquire about the cost of the specific services they desire

7.6.3. Good also to talk about the prices of supplements and so on

7.6.4. Example : Depending on the level of service you choose, whether you are billing insurance, and your ability to pay, your treatment may cost as little as $25 (low-income herbs only consult) or as much as $220 (full insurance rate for maximum level of service). If you would like to find out how much your desired services will be in your situation, please contact us by email and we will get back to you quickly"

7.6.5. You may decide just to list your simple prices. That's fine, but be sure that you never, ever charge insurance more than 30% over your published rates for the same services.

8. Marketing elements

8.1. Aesthetic elements

8.1.1. Good design

8.1.2. Brand colors, pleasing contrast, readable text

8.1.3. Images

8.2. Brand identity, story

8.2.1. On the about page as well as interspersed elsewhere

8.3. Information that "calls the name" of your niche/tribe/market

8.3.1. In the articles

8.3.2. In the images

8.3.3. In the orientation of the website

8.4. Content marketing connections

8.4.1. Social media (links and streams)

8.4.2. Blog

8.4.3. Podcast

8.4.4. Youtube channel

8.4.5. Events calendar, recordings of past events

9. About the "Home page"

9.1. This is the first page a person comes to when they type their URL in

9.2. If you use blogging software for your website, or want to make your blog a main feature of your website, I still recommend against using the blog as the front page

9.3. Make that front page really speak to your niche/tribe/people

9.3.1. If they are visual, use images

9.3.2. If they love lots of info, provide it

9.3.3. If they are easily overwhelmed, keep it simple

9.3.4. Etc...