Crossing the chasm

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Crossing the chasm by Mind Map: Crossing the chasm

1. Technology Adoption Lifecycle

1.1. Enthusiasts

1.1.1. Excited about the possibilities

1.2. Visionaries

1.2.1. Open to taking risks

1.2.2. Motivated by Gains

1.3. CHASM

1.3.1. Chasm separates early adopters from rest of market

1.3.2. Key Strategy Win the early adopters and get yourself on the map Now transform the marketing to go after the mainstream

1.3.3. 5 steps to crossing the Chasm 1. Go to a very targeted niche market They must have an URGENT and compelling use case Figure out the problem they are trying to solve When you cross the chasm, the only real solution is when you specialize in one particular use case. Pick a single use case that is urgent and compelling. So that the customer on the other end of chasm is open to your marketing message 2. Bring together other partners Provide the whole solution to the customer Dont just provide one component or your side of the solution and expect the pragmatist to be figure it out Example: Box + Microsoft 3. Clarify distribution and pricing 4. Get the positioning right - Getting the market to understand your positioning 5. Move past the Chasm

1.4. Pragmatists

1.4.1. They will not move until they have an urgent PAIN that you can solve

1.4.2. Wait and watch mindset

1.4.3. Social proof helps convert other pragmatists

1.5. Conservatives

1.5.1. They move only because they have to

1.6. Skeptics/Laggards

1.6.1. Dont really want change

2. Key Principles

2.1. Target a VERY VERY specific use case. Not 2 or 3 use cases

2.1.1. Dont try to light 3 different fires with one match

2.1.2. You will end up burning your hand if you try to start 3 fires

2.2. Target a very Precise Niche

2.3. Make sure that your team agrees on where you are in the lifecycle

2.3.1. Its better to be wrong than to not be aligned

3. The chasm