Ipod Touch

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Ipod Touch by Mind Map: Ipod Touch

1. personal digital assistant

1.1. Visitar: http://www.mindmeister.com/services/tools/geistesblitz_widgets

2. You can work through it.

3. designed and marketed by Apple Inc

3.1. Internet

3.2. Games

3.3. TV

4. Characteristics

4.1. Games: Created by owners of Ipods

4.2. Is touch

4.2.1. Has a touch keyboard

4.2.2. Has a resistent screen

4.2.3. You can use Facebook

4.3. Social Nets

4.3.1. You can use Facebook Lista de Pendientes Personales Planeación de Vacaciones Minutas de Reunion Plan de Proyectos Más...

4.3.2. You can use MSN Modo Offline Herramientas Geistesblitz Email y SMS Compare las Ediciones