Eco-System of the Blue Racer

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Eco-System of the Blue Racer by Mind Map: Eco-System of the Blue Racer

1. Status: Endangered Provincially and Nationally

2. Biome or Ecozone

2.1. Deciduous Forest (Canada): Prairie/Grassland/Open Woodlands/(Rarely) Fields of farms

3. Human Impacts on Species: Humans are destroying it's habitat by cleaning out areas where the Blue Racer usually tends to live in. Humans kill them because they are scared,but do not know that what they are doing is causing an innocent animal to die.

4. Habitat

4.1. Temperature:

4.1.1. -4 to 23.3 degrees Celsius (AVERAGE during a whole year)-For more information visit Resource #3

4.2. Air:

4.2.1. Clean Air

4.3. Water:

4.3.1. Freshwater

4.4. Range:

4.4.1. (Canada) Only found in Pelee Island-Restricted with 2 thirds of the Island

4.5. Other:

4.5.1. Lives in Pelee Island in Western Lake Erie (Canada)

5. Biology

5.1. Behavior:

5.1.1. Very fast and highly active with excellent vision

5.2. Size:

5.2.1. 150cm/1.5m long

5.3. Life Cycle:

5.3.1. No one knows

5.4. Colour:

5.4.1. Greyish-Blue or Blue Green

5.5. Offspring

5.5.1. 5-28 eggs a year

5.5.2. Mating begins in April and continues throughout May

6. Action Plan

6.1. Things I can do: Not only myself, but everyone else should stop trying to kill snakes when they see it (as for fear of the animal). They should stop running over snakes while they cross the road.

6.2. Things the Government can do: The government should reduce "clean farming" practices because it destroys the habitat of a Blue Racer.

6.3. Things the NGO's can do: They should write letters or try to convince people to not harm the Blue Racer (and other animals) or destroy its habitat. eg: RTMS wrote letters trying to save the wetlands.

7. Picture

8. Map

9. My Resources

9.1. Resource #1

9.2. Resource #2

9.3. Resource #3

9.4. Resource #4