Business Development - Local Direct Sales Marketing Campaign

This mind map is a project plan for a local direct marketing campaign focused on generating leads. South Bay, Manhattan Beach, 90266

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Business Development - Local Direct Sales Marketing Campaign by Mind Map: Business Development -  Local Direct Sales Marketing Campaign

1. Step By Step Guide

1.1. Open Document

1.1.1. Click Link To View & Edit Spreadsheet sd <--Open Google Doc Here Important Fields Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Website, First Names, Last Name, Email

1.2. Pick Local Directory

1.2.1. (See Local Directory Branch/Node) - Click link next to local directory to view list of local companies The directory with the lower number is more important than a higher number.

1.3. Research Company

1.3.1. Less than 5 Minutes - SNIFF TEST

1.3.2. Do they have a website?

1.3.3. Do they fit 60% of the target company profile? (see project goals node)

1.3.4. Do you have key data points? Owner or persons name? Phone number? Email address or website contact form?

1.3.5. Can you tell what they do in 10 seconds or less? What service or product do the sell? Do they have a call to action or persuasive purposes? Call now, Fill in form, sign up, etc.

1.4. Document the company in Google Doc spread sheet.

1.4.1. Fill in all fields with accuracy

1.5. Send (person at company) a personalized email. (see example email scripts)

1.5.1. Feeling Aggressive - Cold Call Company - See Cold Call Script

1.5.2. <--I will place three scripts here

1.5.3. See FAQ Ask Questions Ask Any Questions Here

2. Resources, Tips, & Tricks

2.1. Google Search - Savvy Googler

2.1.1. keyword Example: manhattan beach The Google search will only search the Twitter website and the keyword manhattan beach Example: "batman DVD" This Google search will only search and show results for batman dvds

2.1.2. "long keyword phrase" Searches the exact pharse

2.1.3. allintitle: keyword Example - allintitle: manhattan beach This Google search will return all pages that have the keyword manhattan beach in the meta title. Note: put space after allintitle: command and you can put keyword in quotes.

2.2. Phone Number Lookup

2.2.1. bphonebook: search business listings rphonebook: search residential listings phonebook: search all phone listings

3. Project Goals

3.1. Generate Sales Leads

3.1.1. 3 Forms of Conversion/Success

3.1.2. Email response or inquire from prospect

3.1.3. Phone call from prospect

3.1.4. Visit to our website - newsletter sign up or social media follow

3.2. Build Local Database

3.2.1. 10 Mile Radius of 90266

3.2.2. (See Target Market Branch/Node)

3.3. Target Market

3.3.1. Local Business

3.3.2. 5-50 Employees

3.3.3. 1 Million - 50 Million Total Sales

3.3.4. Target Company Profile Best Lawyers, Plumbers, Locksmiths,, Chiropractors, All Types Doctors, Spas, Salons, Manufacturing, Dentists, Restaurants, Construction, Marketing, Advertising, Webdesign, Print, PR, Consulting OK eCommerce, Boutique Retail Stores, Not Great Real Estate Agents, Car Dealers, Multi-Level Marketing, Big Franchise (Household Names) Companies, Small One Person Company, Company Without Website/Web Presence

4. Local Business Directory

4.1. Patch

4.1.1. Manhattan Beach

4.1.2. Redondo Beach

4.1.3. Hermosa Beach

4.2. Civic Couch


4.3. BNI - Business Networking International

4.3.1. Beach Cities Professionals BNI

4.3.2. South Bay BNI

4.3.3. Coastal Business Alliance BNI

4.3.4. Pipeline BNI

4.3.5. Long Beach BNI Groups Abundance BNI Extra Mile BNI BNI Playmakers High Trust BNI Long Beach Referral Exchange BNI Peak Performers BNI Power Group 100 BNI Super Stars BNI

4.4. Gone Local

4.4.1. Manhattan Beach

4.4.2. El Segundo

4.4.3. Redondo Beach

4.5. Chamber of Commerce

4.5.1. Manhattan Beach CofC

4.5.2. Hermosa Beach CofC

4.5.3. El Segundo CofC Look at business directory.

4.5.4. Redondo Beach CofC

4.5.5. Venice Beach CofC

4.5.6. Inglewood CofC

4.5.7. LAX Coastal Area CofC

4.5.8. Torrance CofC

4.6. Social Media Search

4.6.1. Twitter Companies in Manhattan Beach, 90266

4.6.2. LinkedIn Advanced Search 10 Mile Radius of 90266

4.6.3. Merchant Circle

4.7. Local Off Networking Group

4.7.1. Torrance Referral Group

4.7.2. South Bay Leads

4.7.3. South Bay Business Networking Group

5. Partners

5.1. Ben Ferguson - Patch

5.2. Ryan - My Web Design Source

5.3. Brad - Civic Couch

6. Frequently Asked Questions

6.1. Ask A Question & I Will Post It Here

6.2. Q. What email address do I send from?

6.2.1. WSI will provide email configurations.