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Holocaust by Mind Map: Holocaust

1. Nazi beleifs

1.1. fuhrer

1.1.1. when there is only one leader

1.2. lebensraum

1.2.1. the effort to expand germany

1.3. facist

1.3.1. a strong government that runs social media

1.4. racist

1.4.1. no jewish people aloud.

1.5. nationalism

1.5.1. if you are apart of the german race you get better laws

1.6. autarky

1.6.1. self sufficient economic germany

1.7. strong nazi germany

1.7.1. for the treaty of versailles should be abolishedand all german people united into one country

1.8. destroy all jews

1.8.1. germans believed there shall be no jews in the world.

2. final solution

2.1. the final solution was a policy followed by nazi germany to attemp to kill snd destroy every last jew. it began in 1939 and lasted till 1945.

3. undesirables

3.1. to be considered a undesirable most of the time you were coloured if you were not perfect you would be killed.

4. concentration camps

4.1. trains

4.1.1. trains 2

4.2. selection process

4.3. gas chambers

4.4. crematoriam

4.5. slave labour

4.6. survivors

5. jewish resistance - warsaw ghetto

5.1. the jewish resistance was a section of poland where the nazis held the jews captured until they would be sent away to a deathcamp. the warsaw ghetto had over 350000 jews at one point.

6. Who