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Boxer by Mind Map: Boxer

1. Boxer was very strong and caring for his animal friends, he also cared for Napoleon. If something that the pigs said didn't make sense he would question it, once the pigs said that that is what napoleon said, boxer would always go, "Napoleon is always right!"

2. Boxer was always so nice and caring and strong, the animals had so much respect for him because he was always willing to work harder and get more work done, when the animals found out he was going to get killed, they started panicking and tried to get him to get out of the truck. When they found out it was too late to save him and he died the animals were so sad and depressed that no one thought that they would be happy again, they thought Animal Farm was going down in flames, slowly.

3. Boxer was very loyal to those that he cared for, he was loyal to Napoleon, he stayed with Clover and with the other animals. He supprotewd the decisions that Napoleon made, even if he didn't agree with them

4. Boxer is very caring for anyone, human or animal, when he thought he killed a human life he got very sad, upset, and worried and he said, "I have no wish to take life,

5. When Snowball was still there before Napoleon drove him out of the farm, Boxer was as equal as everyone else, but he still worked hard to get stuff done and he cared for both Snowball and Napoleon, after Snowball ran out of the farm, he was sort of forgotten. even though Boxer was sad about Snowball leaving, he really liked Napoleon and was determined to do everything to make their farm right and worked hard every time he went out into the fields.

6. "I will work harder" If something were to go wrong on the farm, he was always the one to work harder to make sure that whatever they were making, got fixed again.

7. The pigs treated him as well as they treated the other, not well at all. He was the hardest worker and he did not get much food at all to keep him going.

8. Boxer was not very smart, at all, that is why he always agreed on everything Napoleon said, that why when he could make sense of things the pigs would come in and make sure that whatever happens, he stayed loyal to Napoleon. It was best for Napoleon and the pigs if he stayed that way.