Do people with schizophrenia should be locked away at an early age by the danger posed to others?

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Do people with schizophrenia should be locked away at an early age by the danger posed to others? by Mind Map: Do people with schizophrenia should be locked away at an early age by the danger posed to others?

1. support questions

1.1. what is schizophrenia

1.1.1. Schizophrenia is a serious disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels and acts. Someone with schizophrenia may have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary;

1.2. who do it affect others

1.2.1. Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental illnesses that cause a great disturbance in the social, family and work of the people who suffer, who has a tendency to evolve towards chronicity which makes it more difficult to loved ones deal with this person.

1.3. symptoms of schizophrenia

1.3.1. Delusions hallucinations Speech and thought upset social Alienation extreme apathy Lack of motivation or initiative Lack of emotional response

1.4. what is the relationship between the violence and crime

1.4.1. It was also apparent that violent crimes minor (aggression, threats or aggression against authority) were 4 times more frequent in the population Schizophrenic that normal population .

1.5. does it have a cure or treatment

1.5.1. Although there is no cure for schizophrenia, many people with the disease can lead productive and fulfilling lives with proper treatment. The recovery is possible through a variety of services, including medicines and rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation can help a person regain confidence and capacity to live a productive and independent life in the community. Queayudan kinds of services a person with schizophrenia so  Assistance Case Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programs Self-help group Programs start again Therapy conventional antipsychotic The new generation antipsychotics

2. issues

2.1. who to identify the person with the illness

2.1.1. Subtle changes in the behavior of this person , including problems with appetite and sleep , irritability , loss of interest in daily activities and a depressed mood .

2.1.2. if you see someone saying non coherent things or talking alone or acting in an wierd way

2.2. how to be sure they take their medicine

2.2.1. to be present when they take it and to be sure they swallow it

2.2.2. if they dont want to take it the nurses or love ones can use the strenth

2.2.3. in very extreme cases they can be injected with the medicine

2.3. make the family agree with locking away the loving one

2.3.1. making them see that is the best way of treating that disease because is a way in which they will have their medicines in wich they are going to be protectand their fmilies too

3. causes and consequences

3.1. causes

3.1.1. The cause of schizophrenia is still unclear. Some theories about the cause of this disease include: Genetics (heredity), biological (chemical imbalance in the brain); and / or possible viral infections and immune disorders.

3.1.2. is one of the most serious illnesses and can affect the personality of a person so is not the same, and that can cause the people to act in a violent way

3.1.3. without the proper tratment their hallucinations cant be control and how is shown in previous cases that can result in crime and violent personality because the person doesnt hgave control of thir mind

3.2. consequences

3.2.1. the familes os the ill ones is going to be protect,

3.2.2. the mental hospital have to have a better security, and are going to be full

3.2.3. If not treated in time: -a main feature is the loss of reality, -Loss Of a perception -Aluucinaciones -Delirios false -Ideas

3.2.4. a posible consequence could be that the goverment could do a mental hospital only specified in this illness

3.2.5. if they take the ill ones away families are going to be apart

4. perspectives

4.1. global

4.1.1. 21 million people worldwide. Worldwide, schizophrenia is associated with significant disability and may affect educational and job performance. People with schizophrenia are between 2 and 2.5 times more likely to die at an early age that the whole population. This is usually due to physical illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and infectious.

4.1.2. human of this disease that today affects more than 52 million people worldwide. The mystery of the incomprehensible, what ever told, looks out on the strength of who needs to express its inability to control the mind and can affect anyone .

4.2. national

4.2.1. In Colombia the prevalence of schizophrenia is 1% of the population   The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, through the process of implementation of Law 1616 of 2013, reaffirmed the importance of mental health as a national priority, as an essential fundamental right, good of public interest and part of the general welfare and improvement quality of life of the population.

4.2.2. It is estimated that 45 million people suffer worldwide and 70 percent of them, about 31 million 500 thousand people in developing countries.  This disease is characterized by alterations in perception, thought and mood, which presents symptoms such as hallucinations (hearing and seeing things that are not there), delusions (of persecution, for example) and loss of support ideo affective (not what is said is consistent with what you feel) among others.

4.3. local

4.3.1. in Antioquia there are 366.108  women    223.727 mens 108 no data 589.943 total 13,4% proportion 9,4 rate per 100 inhabitants

4.3.2. 12% schizophrenia disorder, this is a lot of th popuation and Colombia doesnt have the ecnomic resources to help this people

5. bibliography