degrassi season ten

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degrassi season ten by Mind Map: degrassi season ten

1. characters

1.1. Fiona Coyne

1.2. Holly J. Sinclair

1.3. Drew Torres

1.4. Eli Goldsworthy

1.5. Jenna Middleton

2. summary

2.1. After the disaster at Vegas Night, Degrassi is under the weight of a major discipline crackdown.

2.2. Declan comes back to Degrassi for the theater awards, and wants Holly J back also. She ends up staying with him, even though she has been with Sav.

2.3. than another tragice even happens, Clare's parents are getting a divorce whether she likes it or not.

2.4. Drew Torres and his brother/sister Adam Torres both fight over a girl; Fiona Coyne. Fiona doesn't like drew as much as Adam. but wait till she finds out Adam's secret.

2.5. Their principal decided to let them have a dance, which leads to many suprising things.

2.6. Sav and Jenna (the pregnant one) end up singing a song together, and then that leads to a kiss. Although, Sav has a girlfriend; thats not stopping Jenna!

2.7. Last weeks episode, Jenna and the baby daddy k.c end up getting back together and reuniting their family once again!

3. person review

3.1. this season has been full of mayn different suprises

3.2. I think honestly this sean has been the best one so far

3.3. out of all the events that have happened; i have a feeling more crazy and dramatical things will be happening.

3.4. I also feel even though Sav and Holly j both made a mistake; they will end up staying together

3.5. I hope this show doesn't end anytime soon, and keep playing for a very long time