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Holocaust by Mind Map: Holocaust

1. Jewish Ghettos

1.1. Ghetto cities were the European cities that Jewish people lived in or were forced to live in.

1.2. The infamous ghetto, Warsaw, at one time had 400000 Jews forced to live there. By September of 1942, only 17000 of the Jews living there remained.

1.3. A Jew living in Warsaw would live on 1125 Calories per day.

2. Nazi list of undesirables

2.1. The list of undesirables was a set of standards the Nazis expected you not to break

2.2. Included Homosexuals, homeless vagrants, black people, alcoholics etc.

2.3. The majority of people killed during the holocaust were Jewish, but in some cases Nazis would look past religion and just look at appearance. If you were not Aryan (Blond hair blue eyes) you weren't worth as much.

3. Nazi beliefs

3.1. Fascism was a strong central government

3.2. Racist

3.2.1. Immigration should be stopped

3.2.2. Jews will never be a German citizen

3.3. Lebensruam- The idea Germans needed living space

3.4. Germany was in danger from the Jews and communists

3.5. Führer was the idea of having one leader with all power in charge.

4. Final solution

4.1. The final solution was the way of saying all Jews were to be exterminated. This policy is what started Jewish extermination, killing off 85% polish Jews and 20% of Europe's Jewish population.

4.2. This rule was issued at the beginning of WW2 because Hitler blamed all of Germany's economic problems on the Jews.

5. Kristallnacht

5.1. Nazis came to Jewish businesses, synagogues, and homes to smash the windows through. Following that was the murdering of many Jewish people.

5.2. Similar events that have happened since Kristallnacht have been all the terrorist events with isis, because both the nazis and isis have conflicting beliefs/religons they feel they need to fight for.

5.3. Realistically, nothing could be done to stop religious battles. They have been going on for so long throughout the world. If we wanted to prevent them as a country we could agree on being okay with others having their own god and beliefs.

6. Concentration Camps

6.1. Trains were step one of Jewish extermination. Once taken from their homes, Jews were escorted onto trains that go to the camp.

6.2. The oudside of a Gas chamber was a long concrete building. The undressing rooms is what they'd go to first. After removing clothing articles/gold teeth, the Jews would enter the chamber to get cremated. In 24 hours, it was said over 350 bodies could be baked, depending on how many chambers there were.

6.3. The selection process happens after unloading off the train. The Jews were lined up and separated by gender. If you were 14+ years of age and looked healthy you were put to work for the Nazis. Children and unhealthy people went straight to the Gas Chambers

6.4. Slavery was not glamorous whatsoever, almost in some ways worse than dying. Jewish slaves were put in terrible working conditions with little to no respect. They were basically worked until they couldn't work anymore and died.