The Thoughtful Student Career Building Mindmap ENFJ

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The Thoughtful Student Career Building Mindmap ENFJ by Mind Map: The Thoughtful Student Career Building Mindmap ENFJ

1. Education

1.1. High School Diploma

1.1.1. University Degree Bachelor Degree 4 to 5 years Cost $150,000 Untitled Master Degree 1 to 2 years Cost $150,000 Untitled PHD 2 years Cost $ 150,000

1.1.2. 2 year College degree in Art

1.1.3. Special Advancement Courses

1.1.4. Post Graduation Traning

1.2. IB Diploma

1.2.1. University Degree

1.2.2. Post Graduation Traning

1.2.3. Special Advancement Courses

2. Career

2.1. Possible Careers opotions according to ENFJ

2.1.1. executive chef

2.1.2. Conseling Demanding Interesting

2.1.3. Psychology Hard work A lot of money Many Crazy people Depressing

2.1.4. Social Work Hard Work Depressing Not so much money

2.1.5. Education No money Kids Hard work

2.1.6. Physician To many years studying Hard Work & long hours No life Maybe money if I am good

2.1.7. Scientist I want even go there

2.1.8. Computer Programming Too many people in the field Untitled High Competion

2.1.9. Management Field Income Location

2.1.10. Politics

2.2. Possible Careers according to me

2.2.1. Chef Income average Roughly $35,000 to $100,000 Untitled Location USA Canada Europe Middle East Field Pastry Chef Executive Chef Sous Chef Cuisine International Middle Eastern & Mediteranian American & European Employement Employeed Self Employeed

2.2.2. Interior Designer

2.2.3. Fashion Designer

2.2.4. Artist

2.2.5. Actor

2.3. Career goals and objectives

2.3.1. Own my own chain of restaurants

2.3.2. Become an Excuitive Chef Years of practice Professional culinary education training experience, and devotion throughout my career Train at the most elite centers Graduate from the best culinary school or university participate in trade shows internship programs for culinary students

2.3.3. Become Famous Have an active involvement in all aspects of culinary art Continuous international training and professional involvement.

2.3.4. Have my own business empire Strong proficiency in positive leadership Work at acquiring a multi-task proficiency Know the best problem solving techniques learn to use forward thinking

3. Family

3.1. Married

3.1.1. With Children Girl Boy

3.1.2. Without Children

3.2. Single

4. Untitled

4.1. Desired Life Style

4.1.1. Income at least $500,000 Period within 4 to 5 years after graduation Achievable very optimistic

4.1.2. Location and country Metroplatian area and our Suburbs Maybe Touring

4.1.3. Standards of beliefs and ethics Very Important cultural and religious melting pot. All the same. Very important to have pure universal business ethics Mutual respect and honor

4.1.4. Class of people around me Good hearted no matter what background Respectful and trustworthy Family and friends are very important Social life very important

4.1.5. Quality of life Happy Comfrotable Healthy