I need to upgrade my skills to get a better job

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I need to upgrade my skills to get a better job by Mind Map: I need to upgrade my skills to get a better job

1. I need to increase my wpm

1.1. Assess your typing skills here

1.2. Learn to type here

1.3. Increase your typing skills here

1.4. and here

1.5. and here

1.6. Create an Google Excel sheet and keep a record of your scores.

1.6.1. How to create an excel sheet, and enter data

1.7. Create a Meebo account, connect with your friends and family through chat, and really get those wpm's up!

1.7.1. how to create an account and verify it

2. I need to update my resume

2.1. In gdoc, create a resume using the templates provided.

2.1.1. Refer back to the inventory list that you created earlier. Navigate between windows, integrate information from one doc to another

2.2. Merge your cover letter and resume into one file

2.2.1. How to merge two documents

3. I want to show my skills to future employers

3.1. Create a digital portfolio of all activities and upload the file into your Dropbox account for keepsake

3.1.1. Create Dropbox account and verify, uploading files to accounts.

3.2. Print off all your work and create a portfolio to take to interviews

3.2.1. Printing, using print preview to check work.

4. I need to improve my interview skills

4.1. Using Google, search tips on improving interview skills

4.1.1. Research relevant sites and take notes in Evernote How to use Google, create an Evernote account, how to cut and paste information

4.2. Meet with Sandra to do some mock interviews

4.2.1. Set up a time, prepare with questions, anticipate possible questions, dress for success.

5. I need to create business letters and emails

5.1. Using templates, draft a letter of inquiry to a possible employer.

5.1.1. How to use Google templates and how to format to needs, spell check, and basic word functions

5.2. Using the inventory that you started in the previous section, draft a cover letter, including the skills you have and the skills you are working on. Remember, you can use a template to start your letter.

5.2.1. How to navigate between windows, use a template, cut and paste between windows.

6. I need to know how to navigate the Internet for basic searches

6.1. Do a Google Search for jobs in the community.

6.1.1. Bookmark those job sites for future use Create an account in delicious, and how to bookmark

6.1.2. Start an inventory in Google Word Doc, using a table, of the skills that you have and the skills you need to qualify for the jobs that interest you. Create a Word document, Insert a table, navigate and insert data into table.

6.2. Do a Google Search to find out what skills you need to qualify for the field you want to apply for. ie, search administrative assistant

6.2.1. How to use google