Sava Dalbokov

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Sava Dalbokov by Mind Map: Sava Dalbokov

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. Money and Honey

2.1. My name is Sava, and I'm a banker.

2.2. "There was a robbery at the bank." "yes, on which side of the counter?"

2.3. Every time I became a bigger bee, in a smaller hive, the happier I became.

2.4. The transition from small to micro was a life changing experience.

2.5. The Bee

2.5.1. for over 100 years, the symbol for Erste Bank

2.5.2. What is your honey? What doesn't spoil, and involves no harm

2.5.3. How do you cross-pollinate?

2.6. What would make for a good bank?

2.6.1. Care about the small businesses Build little hives This is my field This is my community

2.6.2. Will be a bank for communities Banks create economic value chains What about an emotional value change? a good bank can do this

2.6.3. For the civil society Regulators? Banks should partner with the civil sector poverty energy

2.7. Can you make money?

2.7.1. yes

2.8. The movement towards social responsibility

2.8.1. and social conscience

2.9. Hoping for a lottery to shape your future...

2.9.1. That shouldn't be

2.9.2. This is where a good bank would come in