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WW2 by Mind Map: WW2

1. Agreements

1.1. Munich Agreement

1.1.1. Hitler wanted Czechoslovakia He was warned not to attack agreed that Germany would be given the Sudentenland and control the rest of Czechlovakia

1.2. Treaty of Versailles

1.2.1. make Germany powerless 1. accept total blame for WW1 2. reduced military

1.3. Nazi-Soviet Pact

2. Japanese Internment

2.1. Interpretations

2.1.1. military weapon revenge freighten the russians

2.2. Japanese Canadians were:

2.2.1. denied their basic rights issued special clothing stripped of personal belongings and property

3. Operations

3.1. Sealion

3.1.1. Hitler's plan to invade Britain clear the skies and english channel luftwaffe failed to gain power over RAF

3.2. Barbarosa

3.2.1. hitler redirects his attack eastward breaks pact with soviet union allies and soviets unite over Hitler Nazi advances into the Soviet Union

3.3. Overlord

3.3.1. beaches would be attacked American Utah British Gold Canadian Juno

3.4. Jubilee

3.4.1. relieve pressure on Soviet Union create a second front quick raid to gather info, test tactics for later invasion then retreat

4. Outcomes

4.1. Germany

4.1.1. no longer a military threat west germany/berlin: democratic east/berlin : communist

4.2. Japan

4.2.1. occupied by US until 1955 monarchy to democratic state economic superpower by 1960s

4.3. Canada

4.3.1. middle power 4th largest army/navy prosperous economy

4.4. United States

4.4.1. world economic, military and nuclear superpower actively engaged in world affairs

4.5. Soviet Union

4.5.1. military superpower confronts US defender of communism

5. Economics

5.1. Extremism

5.1.1. Dictators Fascism Totalarianism Communism

5.2. Hitler

5.2.1. secret police

5.2.2. no political opposition prison or death

5.2.3. control the media

5.2.4. citizenship create and use them scapegoat (to blame for all the problems)

6. Battles

6.1. Blitzkrieg

6.1.1. lightning war Nazi air and ground attack quick and took the enemy by surprise

6.2. Dunkirk

6.2.1. British and France troops pushed back to the english channel British couldn't risk naval ships being sunk fisherman, ferry boats, sailors, etc. rescued trapped british soliders

6.3. D-Day

6.3.1. open a new front in the west through beaches of france tricked the germans into thinking they intended to attack somewhere else

6.4. Dieppe

6.4.1. Germans are too strong at their ports allies built two harbours in Normandy bombers must pound german coastal defence

6.5. Normandy

6.5.1. allies built up their forces canadians helped capture Caen aimed at joining an american advance

7. Hitler

7.1. Rise

7.1.1. 1923 conducts an armed revolt in Munich thrown in prison

7.1.2. 1928 re organized the Nazi party established nazism throughout germany

7.1.3. 1929 NY stock market crash and economic world depression hindenburg government fails to solve problems

7.1.4. 1932 Hindenburg president appoints Hitler chancellor gain support of the Reichstag (German parliament)

7.1.5. 1933 Hindenburg dies Hitler seizes power

7.1.6. 1934 Enabling Act

7.2. Holocaust

7.2.1. Stages of Isolation Stripping of rights segregation

7.2.2. Camps possessions were confinscated heads were shaved mass murder slave labour

7.2.3. Definition sacrifice totally burned by fire annihilation of the Jews

7.3. Overview

7.3.1. Sept 1939 invasion of Poland

7.3.2. Summer 1940 battle of britain

7.3.3. June 1941 Operation Barbarossa Nazi invasion of Soviet Union

7.3.4. Dec 1941 Pearl Harbour invasion of pacific islands

7.3.5. Aug 1942 Canadian Dieppe Raid

7.3.6. Sept 1943 Italian campaign

7.3.7. June 1944 D-Day allied invasion of west europe

7.3.8. May 1945 Germany defeated

7.3.9. Aug 1945 VJ Day Atom Bomb

7.4. Becomes Fuhrer

7.4.1. Lebenscraum (living room) take overall German speaking countries annexed Treaty of Versailles

7.4.2. Gestapo (secret police) search out, seize, torture and terrorize all opposition

7.4.3. Propoganda gave people targets to blame for all problems Treaty of Versailles Jews and communists preached racial purity

7.4.4. Jobs got germans back to work poured money into construction and factories