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TEDxAms2010 - 3. Emer Beamer - Co-design for a better world by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010
3. Emer Beamer - 
Co-design for a better world
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TEDxAms2010 - 3. Emer Beamer - Co-design for a better world

0-5 years

social needs

early child phase


biggest impact


Dick Bruna

early child development

apply design legacy for child

Miffy Int

Nijntje Nl


draw animals

drawing new design, JoJo the Nijntje of Venezuela

return model

lack of awareness

beautiful products, support child development, social return business model

Emer Beamer

Back to overview map


social needs

intervene in a persons live

free up daily struggle



design cycles

business & social investment model, co design solution

social need

more stuff


slums nairobu

10 years ago

now 700 alumni

create a mobile solution, prevent violence & crime, solution, board game

return to sender collection


bekina fashion

combine creative talents

high end sneaker

co design solutions

make things together

combine forces

tackle poverty issues

create new diverse, beauty

culturaly appropiate


tackle poverty

see hans rosling

help?, bring your talents, we would like to see more

2nd livemindmapper

3. Emer Beamer - "Co-design for a better world"

Butterfly works

what can designers do about poverty

use co-design, start with social need, inspiration, research, making, testing, return model, co-design solution, social need

examples of co-designed solutions, social need early child development, experts work together with designers, beautiful happy designs!, parents need some work.., also serious game, board game, cooperation not competition, social goals

there is hope to tackly poverty, help us!