Oakland One-Stop-Shop for Businessess

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Oakland One-Stop-Shop for Businessess by Mind Map: Oakland One-Stop-Shop for Businessess

1. Oakland Business Assistance Center (BAC)

1.1. Starting a New Business

1.1.1. Online Business Self Assessment

1.1.2. Business Advice from SCORE

1.1.3. Market Analysis Organization Support (See list under Workshops, Multi-Week Assessment Program and Advising Online Self-Study Data Collection (Go to BAC Staff for: Neighboorhood Profiles, Demographic Reports, Industry Sector Reports, Traffic Counts, Sales Tax Trends, Labor Force Information and Major Employer Information ) Oakland Library

1.1.4. Find a Location

1.1.5. Negotiating A Lease Key Issues in Negotiating a Lease Commercial Leases What to Know Before Negotiating a Lease Leasing Information and Checklist from SBA Check-List Questions

1.1.6. Permits  & Pay Fees Building Permits Rent Adjustment Excess Litter Fee Peddler/Solicitor Permit Fire Department Permits Other Government Requirement Fictitious Business Name Retail/Wholesale Sales Food Establishments Alcoholic Beverage Sales CalGold- State List of Permits for Specific Business Types

1.1.7. Tax & Employer Id Numbers

1.1.8. Recruit and Train Employers Hiring and Managing Employees Supportive Organizations in Hiring & Management EastBay Works Employment Development Department (California) Online Information and Tips & Managing Legal Aid Legal Shield

1.2. Opening a New Location

1.2.1. Finding a Location

1.2.2. BAC Assistance Request

1.3. Classes and Events Calendar

1.4. Opening a Franchise

1.4.1. Evaluation and Information

1.4.2. Expedited Loans for SBA Approved Franchise

1.5. News and Announcements

1.5.1. Community Voices

1.5.2. Small Business California

1.5.3. Redeveloping Oakland Newsletter

1.5.4. Business Improvement District/Community Benefit District Assistance

1.6. Business, Property & Streets

1.6.1. Finding a Location

1.6.2. Landlord & Tenant Issues

1.6.3. Negotiating a Lease

1.6.4. Taxes, Licenses and Permits

1.6.5. Utilities

1.6.6. Zoning

1.7. Business Management

1.7.1. Business Management Support from Existing Organizations

1.8. Classes & Advisors

1.9. Employees

1.10. Financing & Money

1.11. Going Green & Social

1.12. Marketing & Creative Services

1.13. Safety

1.14. Sales & Finding Customers

1.15. Technology Assistance

2. Oakland Chamber of Commerce

2.1. Economic Development for Member Businesses

2.1.1. Economic Development Forum

2.1.2. Economic Development Summit

2.1.3. Oakland Indicators Project

2.1.4. Tech Trends Information

2.1.5. Business Improvement Community Benefits Districts

2.1.6. Oakland Retail Advisory & Land Use Committee

2.1.7. Workforce Development

2.2. Events & Programs

2.2.1. Events Calendar

2.2.2. Education

2.2.3. Networking

2.2.4. Leadership Oakland

2.2.5. Oakland Chamber Ambassadors

2.2.6. Oakland Young Professionals

2.3. Communication

2.3.1. Media Kit

2.3.2. Oakland Business Review

2.3.3. Membership Directory

2.3.4. Relocation Guide

2.3.5. Hot Topics

2.3.6. Weekly Email Updates

2.4. Community

2.4.1. About Oakland

2.4.2. Visit Oakland

2.4.3. Attractions

2.4.4. Lodging

2.4.5. Restaurants

2.4.6. Shopping

2.4.7. Transportation

2.4.8. Area Map

2.4.9. Weather

2.4.10. Oakland Facts

2.4.11. Job Postings

2.4.12. Discover Oakland

3. Economic Workforce Development Department  (EWDD)

3.1. Business Networking

3.2. Contracting with the City (Opening your Business)

3.2.1. Contracts and Compliance

3.3. Cultural Funding Program

3.4. Funding Opportunities

3.5. Green Your Business

3.6. Key Industries (Opportunities)

3.6.1. Arts and Digital Media Business Tax Abatement Cultural Arts & Marketing Division Grants Contact

3.6.2. Food Production and Distribution Oakland Food Industry Forum Food Trail Map and Information Oakland Food Policy Council

3.6.3. Green Business Bay Area Green Business Program StopWaste.org Buying Green and Local Chinook Book (Buying Green, Organic and Local) Green Business Networking Sustainable Business Alliance East Bay Green Drinks Business  Alliance for Local Living Economies

3.6.4. Healthcare & Life Sciences

3.6.5. Industrial

3.6.6. International Trade and Logistics

3.6.7. Office

3.6.8. Retail

3.7. Location & Permit Assistance

3.8. Marketing & Special Events

3.9. Oakland Market Profile

3.10. Public Art

3.11. Real Estate

4. Inner City Advisors

4.1. Education

4.1.1. Business Fundamentals and Framework Development

4.2. Acceleration Opportunies

4.3. Company Investment