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Modal verbs by Mind Map: Modal verbs

1. verb can in present. example:  can fix this

1.1. verb can in future: example: nancy can visit  us next weekend

2. verb can negative: exmple: the cannot fix this

3. verb could pas cant: example: he could run a marathon wen he was young

3.1. verb  could expressing a possibility example: He could jump the wall

3.2. negative form could is: could not example: he could not wrete a boock

4. verb might possibility of action: example. he might call the supervisor

4.1. verb may  indicates possibility in this present or future example: it may snow today

4.1.1. may perform an action example: you may eat chocolat now

5. verb must example: I must check the labels

6. verb should example: you should study

7. verb will It used to form the future tense example: I will help you

8. ougth to Synonym of should example: they ougth to work less

9. verb would it used to ask for something example: would you help me please

10. verb shall It used to form the future tense example: cris shall be happy to see you