Discovering Poland  [19.06.2016]

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Discovering Poland  [19.06.2016] by Mind Map: Discovering Poland  [19.06.2016]

1. Discovering Poland

1.1. team

1.1.1. event Andre Executive producer Sarah Executive coordinator Isaac Executive assistance Luke Event producer Avraham Producer Norbert logistics Sebastien support Tziona Anna Adi Sharon

1.2. to do

1.2.1. Andre team meeting

1.2.2. Remigiusz promo

1.2.3. Piotr budget transfer

1.2.4. Isaac management

1.2.5. Norbert logistics

1.3. participants

1.3.1. 500 guests 100 guests from Poland 400 guests from Israel HHC GF Rishon LeZion Israel-Poland