To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Mind Map: To Kill a Mockingbird

1. Other important characters

1.1. BOB EWELL: dad of Mayella, often drunk, abusive, unemployed, part of Maycomb's poorest family, ignorant, prejudice, racist

1.2. MAYELLA EWELL: Bob's abused daughter, lonely, unhappy, timid, accuses Tom of raping her

1.3. TOM ROBINSON: black man accused of rape, symbol of a mockingbird, left arm was mangled in a cotton gin when he was younger

1.4. MISS MAUDIE: Finch neighbor, widow, friend to the kids, likes to garden and bake, has a passion for justice (like Atticus)

2. Symbols and Other Literary Devices


2.1.1. The Radley House (superstition)

2.1.2. Boo Radley (don't judge a book by its cover)

2.1.3. The Mockingbird

2.1.4. Scout (innocence)

2.1.5. The Trial (racial & social injustice)

2.1.6. Atticus (bravery in the face of opposition)

2.2. TONE: Scout's point of view gives us a more innocent tone and sometimes playful

2.3. FORESHADOWING: The town of Maycomb foreshadows the results of the trial and the end of the book (racism of the town and prejudice)

3. Significant Moments during the Trial

3.1. Mayella continuously says things that conradicts herself

3.2. Mayella is offended by Atticus's simple manners (thinks he is mocking her because she is not used to the politeness)

3.3. Mayella keeps glancing at her father during the testimony to make sure she is saying the right thing

3.4. When Atticus asks Mayella tough questions, she gets quiet and has no defense (especially when it comes to questions about her father's abuse)

3.5. Atticus points out that Tom could not have hit Mayella's right eye, because his left arm doesn't work

4. Major Plot Points

4.1. 1- Dill moves in next door

4.2. 2&3- Scout gets into a fight with Walter at school

4.3. 4- The kids start spending time with Miss Maudie

4.4. 5&6- The kids start playing games involving the Radley house

4.5. 7- Boo Radley leaves the kids gifts

4.6. 8- Miss Maudie's house burns down & Boo puts a blanket around Scout

4.7. 9- Cecil declares "Scout's daddy defends niggers"

4.8. 12&13- The kids go to colored church

4.9. 15- Dill runs away to live with the Finches & Scout disperses the mob that tries to lynch Tom

4.10. 18- The trial begins, Tom testifies and tells the story like Mayella was the one coming on to him, Mayella testifies and says she was taken advantage of, Mayella constantly contradicts herself in her testimony

4.11. 22- Jem gets upset about the unjust verdict, Maycomb's black population brings food to the Finch home, Ms Stephanie Crawford tries to question the kids about the trial, Miss Stephanie tells the kids of how Bob Ewell spat on their father and swore revenge

5. Main Characters

5.1. SCOUT: tomboy, follows Jem, stubborn, looks up to Atticus, very opinionated & speaks her mind

5.2. JEM: strong-willed, leader, mature, peacemaker, matures significantly in the end, views on society change after the trial

5.3. ATTICUS: reasonable, quick-witted, believes in equality, renowned lawyer, "One Shot Finch", finally stands up to his sister after the trial

5.4. DILL: Finch family friend that visits during the summer, curious, leader of adventures, runs away to live with the Finches

5.5. CALPURNIA: caring, conservative, mother figure to Scout and Jem, opinionated

5.6. BOO RADLEY: quiet, mysterious, strange, caring, leaves gifts for the kids

6. Themes

6.1. Coexistence of Good and Evil

6.2. Importance of Moral Education

6.3. Youth & Innocence

6.4. Existence of Social Inequality

6.5. Femininity

6.6. Family