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FRM: KAL by Mind Map: FRM: KAL

1. Booking

1.1. Online/Email

1.1.1. FRM to take booking. Please copy to [email protected]

1.2. Telephone

1.2.1. FRM to take booking. Please copy to [email protected]

1.3. Confirmation

1.3.1. FRM to issue client confirmation

1.4. Changes

1.4.1. Process needs addressing

1.5. Details

1.5.1. FRM to issue partial briefing to AM after KAL sign off. AM to complete and issue to crews & KAL. KAL Point of contact needed from FRM

2. Financials

2.1. Budget

2.1.1. FRM to issue expectaion on job by job basis. AM to agree.

2.2. Job Expenses

2.2.1. Transfer/Accomodation/Subsitence to be invoiced by AM to FRM at cost.

2.3. Crew & Hire costs

2.3.1. AM to invoice FRM on behalf of their staff/suppliers.

2.4. Terms

2.4.1. Job Expenses 14 days from invoice, Crew & Hire 30 days. 50% of crew cost will be payable on cancellation within 72 hours of job start time

2.5. Commissions

2.5.1. Currently we have no "kick back" agreement for work collected by either party for the other.

2.6. Client Invoicing

2.6.1. FRM to invoice KAL

3. Delivery

3.1. Briefing

3.1.1. Standard format issued by FRM. AM to complete partial documentation & issue to FRM, KAL & 3rd parties

3.2. Branding

3.2.1. Documentation to branded AM & FRM to allow clarity over points of contact for enquiries

3.3. Crew

3.3.1. Crewing to include one "experienced" operative per 5 crews. Any crew may included 1 new member, if the experienced operative is not operating as a crew themselves.

3.4. Consumables

3.4.1. DV Stock/DVDs to be provided by FRM in the 1st instance, or AM and invoiced in the 2nd.

3.5. Handover

3.5.1. Final versions to be handed over to KAL by deadline, 2nd copy to be made available before departure

3.6. PDs/Exps

3.6.1. To be submitted by 3rd party crews in the form of reciepts to FRM. AM to invoice

3.7. Accomodation

3.7.1. To be arranged/paid for by KAL. If not to be treated as PD/Exp above.

3.8. Transport

3.8.1. To be arranged by FRM/AM. If not Transfer vehicles to be treated as PD/Exp above, personal mileage to be billed at £0.40/mile.

3.9. Kit

3.9.1. Initially to be provided by FRM, any extra to be provided by crew member if deemed suitable or by AM if unavailable/unsuitable. Each supplier is responsibility for it's own equipment

4. Follow-up

4.1. Standard feedback from client

4.1.1. FRM to collect, formalize & issue to AM

4.2. Dissemination to crews

4.2.1. AM to disseminate informally to crew whilst collecting their feedback. Formal issues (complaints) to be dealt with in writing. FRM to issue directly to their own staff/suppliers, AM to do the same.

4.3. Standard feedback from crews

4.3.1. AM to formalize/issues for it's staff/suppliers, FRM to the same. Documents to be circulated to FRM/AM<

4.4. Process change/review

4.4.1. AM & FRM to meet monthly?

5. Opportunities

5.1. Quarterly Review/Brainstorming Meeting

5.1.1. Quite happy to attend a 1/2 day meeting every 3 months to kick ideas about with KAL

5.2. Online Functions

5.2.1. I have a fair amount of experience around getting media online quickly, always a good internal PR exercise for larger companies.