Selling and Sales people

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Selling and Sales people by Mind Map: Selling and Sales people

1. Personal selling as a business activity performed by sales people

2. Why learn about personal selling?

2.1. Its more than just a set of secuential steps

2.2. It often involves multiple people not only sellers

2.3. Selling its about creating value

2.4. The goal of sell is create economic exchange

3. Everyone sells

4. The role of sales people in a business

4.1. Go-to- market strategies

4.1.1. Selling throught internet

4.1.2. Field sales representatives

4.1.3. Business partners

4.1.4. Resellers

4.1.5. Manufacturer agents

4.1.6. Franchises

4.1.7. Telemarketers

4.2. Multichannel Strategy

4.2.1. The use of several strategies at the same time

5. What do sales people do?

5.1. Client relationchip manager

5.1.1. Prospecting new customers

5.2. Account team manager

5.2.1. Coordinate activities within their firms

5.3. Vendor and channel management

5.3.1. Interact with other partnets to meet customer needs

5.4. Information provider

6. Types of salespeople

6.1. Behind retail salespeople there are salspeople working for commercial firms

7. Selling and distribution channels

7.1. There are different types of firms and of customers

8. Distribution channels

8.1. Businees-to-business Channels

8.2. Direct sales to a business customer

8.3. Sales though distributors

9. Consumer Channels

9.1. Used by producers and providers of consumer products and services

10. Describing Sales Jobs

10.1. Focused on 6 factors

10.1.1. The stage of the buy-sellers relationship

10.1.2. The salesperson’s role

10.1.3. The importance of the customer’s purchase decision

10.1.4. The location of the salesperson-customer contact

10.1.5. The nature of the offering sold by the salesperson

10.1.6. The salesperson’s role in securing customer commitment

11. Characteristics of succesful salespeople

11.1. Self-motivated

11.2. Dependability and trustworthiness

11.3. Ethical sales behavior

11.4. Customer and product knowledge

11.5. Analytical skills and the ability to use informationn technology

11.6. Communication skills

11.7. Flexibility and agility

11.8. Creativity

11.9. Confidence and optimism

12. Emotional intelligence

12.1. Ability to effectively understand and regulate one’s own emotions and to read and respond to the emotions of others

12.2. Important trait for salespeople

13. Rewards in selling

13.1. Personal selling offers interesting and rewarding career opportunities

13.2. Independence and responsability

13.3. Financial rewards

13.4. Management opportunities

14. Building partnership model

14.1. Knowledge and skills needed for succesful partnership

14.2. The partnership development process

14.3. The salesperson as a manager