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Ten Methods to Generate Ebook Downloads


  Blogs Long-term “passive” lead generation Must drive traffic to them (Signature file in emails, etc.) Host own blog – don’t use pre-hosted blogs i. NOTE: Kathy is working on team blog Google LOVES blogs! Post often & post quality Keep focus fairly narrow in each post Use backlinks from everything else also coming back to blog (forums, etc.) Multiple authors help with Google rankings Social Bookmark all posts (and all other venues – videos, articles, etc.)  

Traffic Exchanges

  Traffic Exchanges Free Time consuming, but good for 2 – 3 downloads per week if worked consistently · Use tabbed browsers to surf multiple exchanges if using more than one · Do NOT advertise a company or product – only free ebook · Differentiate yourself – don’t use the same splash page as everyone else · Tell them one thing about the page you are redirecting them to – catch their attention so they will read the page · Test different titles & ads until you find several that work · Example:


  Articles Condense material & make several short articles (ex: 5 Pillars – do separately) Great for backlinks Optimize keywords

Social Websites

  Social Networking Potential prospects here Time consuming, but they DO work Per Don Standard, the “easy” sites are: i. 1. Must join as $9.95 member to contact people here 2. Need invitation or link above to join. ii. 1. Don says can do free 2. Sarah says best to join at $14.95 “Adlander” level MUST contact 30 to 50 new sign-ups at least 3 – 5 days per week Do NOT advertise company or product! Advertise eBook, then build relationship after download – Not supposed to advertise, but can do some things i. Build relationship 1st & give eBook later (long-term site) Create best possible profile & promote yourself (profile must be good) Comments on other people’s pages for backlinks Use photo Be truthful


  Classifieds Test headlines, body, etc. against other ads Creates backlinks to your main page Worth using just to get backlinks in Google


  Safe Lists Use credit based safe lists Do solo ads to everyone in list Can be somewhat expensive Allows frequent contact with many people · Sarah Thompson likes them – Don Standard says don’t spend a lot of time on these


  eZine Ads Sign up 1st & monitor for target markets represented by each site Watch for cost if not good at copywriting Solo ads work best – Top ads are also gook Test ads in Traffic Exchanges, etc before using for eZine Ads or Pay Per Click

Authority Sites

  Authority Sites “Static” sites (example: Squidoo lenses (Create backlinks to them. Can link lens to your blog) Hub pages

Pay per Click

  Pay per Click Can be expensive if ads poorly written Highly targeted traffic Optimize for keywords (Use in ads & on landing page) Be sure landing page is EXACTLY what they expect from ad Be very specific with long-tailed keywords (3 to 4 word phrases) Google AdWords best per Don Standard Every search engine different – cannot simply duplicate ads – must optimize for each site used Test ads for effectiveness on free sites before using for PPC Don Standard loves PPC!


  Video Can establish you as an authority Tell your story Can use Camtasia for “How To” (Google loves How To) Keep them short & simple As soon as feasible subscribe to Lasse’s course ($77) if you have never had SEO training before (link below)   i. Get Video Traffic Now   ii. This course will teach you basic video skills, keyword SEO research, Camtasia, and more   Videos are really doing well right now. See Cynthia or Kathy for log-in information to STBVideos for team videos you can customize & use i. ii.