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New IT Dept Issues & Concerns by Mind Map: New IT Dept Issues & Concerns
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New IT Dept Issues & Concerns

Expansion considerations – more offices, remote offices (downstream)

Media Room (downstream)

Making Best Use of internet e-mail

email archiving/Oxley-Sarbanes


Additional ReStore (internet-based B/U) in another location

Setting limits on saving files – decrease backup costs, keep server “clean” - bizcase for “near-line backup (diskeeper?)

Document Current System

Create IT Service Center - One-stop-shop for IT services

Recurrent issues documentation

As-is State

Tech Processes

Biz & Tech Intersections

Update current equipment listing (asset mgmt – Ilient)

IT system documentation including building wiring (digitize)

Infrastructure Security

Desktop standardization

Consider Open Source?Unbuntu/OpenOffice etc.

Standardize on apps or OS, or both?

Standardize network on "Full Service Intranet:.

To replace an unstable peer-to-peer network or start from scratch.

IT Dept


Replace hubs/switches, ReWire IT room

Faxing to PC’s (why???!!!!) Business case please!

Back-up Server – business case please!

Wi-Fi & wireless networking

Business Process

Process Manger (downstream)

Business Analysis

Business Intelligence


System Admin, Server maintenance & software updates (automate this)

Infrasrtucture Security, Internet monitoring – sites visited by user and time spent on sites (research this – get good shareware product)

Calendars/Collaboration – consistent communication (Sharepoint/Intranet), In-House Collab, Sharepoint, Instant Mssg, email

Professional Srvs - custom programming

Baseline SLA's

ExtraNet Activity



must interact w/ Web, TM & CM dB's

Host this...

Web Site (public)

must interact w/ TM & CM dB's

Host this...

My Geistesblitzes

google chrome

OTC derivatives

OTC derivatives