NDN Planning Process

In order to implement consistent, collaborative, quality initiatives that adhere to NETP guidelines, we must agree on core principles for network partnerships. This process outline the proposed steps to identify those and achieve agreement.

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NDN Planning Process by Mind Map: NDN Planning Process

1. Context

1.1. How the game is changing in Education?

1.1.1. New trends and policies

1.1.2. Global Perspective

1.1.3. National Education Technology Plan Productivity Infrastructure Learning Assessment Teaching

1.1.4. Local Control

1.2. How the environment (policy changes and trends) is impacting the way we are doing what we want to do?

1.2.1. Delivery of Services

1.2.2. Funding sources

1.2.3. Accountability

1.3. Who are the players?

1.3.1. Participants ESAs SEAs

1.3.2. Partners Local State Federal

2. Problem Definition

2.1. Dynamics among key players

2.2. Identify challenges to do what we want to do?

2.3. Identify interrelationship between challenges.

3. Solution Formulation

3.1. Design Specifications

3.1.1. How the network would be like if we could have what we would love to have? Values and Beliefs

3.1.2. Define statements of preferred future. Purpose Functions Structure

3.1.3. Define Strategic Priorities

3.2. Structural Design

3.2.1. System Key Components (Dimensions) Input Output Market

3.2.2. System's Boundary and Constraints

3.3. Delivery Processes

3.3.1. Planning, Learning and Control System

3.3.2. Measurement System

3.3.3. Implementation Plan