Brand Yourself Presentation Planning & Brainstorming

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Brand Yourself Presentation Planning & Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brand Yourself Presentation Planning & Brainstorming


1.1. Production: Creating meaningful slides that are designed well but not overdone. Filtering out unneeded pictures or transitions or bold colors where not needed.

1.2. Delivery: Time … Feels like a lot to say in a little bit of time. Staying focus to the multiple and different audience members I am presenting to. How do I entice all sides of the audience?


2.1. 1. Clientele:  Artist/Production clients, Record Labels (Independent and Major), Recording/Mixing Studios, Corporate Business, Video Companies

2.1.1. How can they benefit from my services? How can utilize myself/business/services? Need to take away a value in product, service, or brand worth them using

2.2. 2. Partners: Investors, Managers, Writers/Producers

2.2.1. How can they push my services and more importantly how can they make a return? Need to take away that Myself/business is an opportunity worth putting time and effort into.


3.1. BEGINNING: Explain my backstory - Just a girl who played piano and as a young adult starting creating music on a 16track sequencer keyboard and became interested more in learning the art of engineering and production.

3.2. MIDDLE: Explain my process so far in this career - Graduated with A.A.S in Audio Technology from SAE, 6 Years working in Atlanta studios under proficient, experienced and award winning Studios, Recording/Mixing Engineers and Producers and Video Personnel.

3.3. END: Explain where I am now and going forward - Graduated with my B.S. in Entertainment Business from Full Sail and crafting an Audio Engineering and Music Production Service to include Studio Operations for a vast of major needs in the industry.

4. S.T.A.R.

4.1. Something They’ll Always Remember - The music industry is a service industry. As a freelancer and “technically” working for myself. I am hired by the client so in return, I am working for you!


5.1. I want the build the right clientele, partnering businesses and investors to be apart of my team.

5.2. Want to build a team of writers/producers who are as versatile as my business agenda

5.3. Want to gain corporate companies to also attend to voice over, post video audio clean up and mix down

5.4. Want to gain a support team of investors or manager that is willing to give their expertise without it just being about making a percentage but about growing myself/business as well

5.5. Want to build in all around audio/production service that can handle a vast majority of audio and production needs with the ability to grow and add on services (ie. gaming, commercials, jingles)

5.6. Want to build an engineer/production platform that caters to independent/major label artist who won’t be shoved down a generic rabbit hole


6.1. Application

6.1.1. Powerpoint or Keynote (Undecided at this point but I am most familiar with Powerpoint so I will probably choose this but I don’t want to exempt trying another software that might yield better results. This will have to be tried to see which one will fit me personally and the presentation the best.

6.2. Production

6.2.1. Laptop & charger Microphone Camera to record any clips Demo Reel (Audio snippet) Graphs or Statistics Quotes Designs (Color scheme, Transitions, Fonts, graphics, videos, pictures)

6.3. Delivery

6.3.1. Laptop & charger Storage Medium or Downloadable File Display Screen (projector, Big Screen TV) Slide Clicker Stage or Floor Microphone and speaker system A confident and great attitude!!! :)


7.1. Time Frame 3-4 minutes, getting the important parts in without enough of a story and not just facts and without talking to fast to fit everything. Hmmmmm

7.2. Bias 1 - Just another music Industry person. What makes me special?

7.3. Bias 2 - Investors/Managers: Is this something I am willing to invest my money or time into?

7.4. Bias 3. And you are a girl engineer … hahaha at that bias :)

8. Daniela Rivera 12 June 2016