Animal Classification

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Animal Classification by Mind Map: Animal Classification

1. Invertebrates (without backbones)

1.1. Protozoa

1.1.1. Microscopic, single cell organisms.

1.2. Coelenterates

1.2.1. Soft bodies.

1.2.2. Stinging cells.

1.3. Flatworms

1.3.1. Simple and soft bodied.

1.4. Annelid Worms

1.4.1. Segmented bodies.

1.5. Arthropods

1.5.1. Arachnids Have no antennae and eight legs. Two body parts.

1.5.2. Crustaceans Mostly sea creatures. Two sets of antennae and many legs.

1.5.3. Insects Have a hard exoskeleton on the outside of the body. Have a body divided into three parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Have two antennae and six legs. Hatch from eggs. Some have wings and some don't.

1.5.4. Myriapods Many legs and body segments.

1.6. Mollusks

1.6.1. Soft bodied.

1.6.2. Most have shells.

1.7. Echinoderms

1.7.1. Spiny sea creatures.

2. Vertebrates (with backbones)

2.1. Endothermic (warm-blooded)

2.1.1. Mammals Have fur or hair. Produce milk to feed their babies.

2.1.2. Birds Have feathers, wings, and beaks. Lay eggs with hard, waterproof shells.

2.2. Ectothermic (cold-blooded)

2.2.1. Fish Have scales on their bodies. Have gills for breathing.

2.2.2. Reptiles Are covered with scales. Have lungs for breathing. Lay eggs on dry land.

2.2.3. Amphibians Breathe through their skin. Go through metamorphosis. Have moist slimy skin. Lay eggs in water.