Capital Punishment in Canada

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Capital Punishment in Canada by Mind Map: Capital Punishment in Canada

1. IN CONCLUSION: I believe that the capital punishment should remain banned in Canada, for some very key reasons. Saving money is key for the government, and if theres ways to save my taxpayer dollar then I believe the government should keep it that way. The other main key point for me is the death of innocents. Proof from places that still practise the Capital Punishment have shown that the Capital Punishment, punishes 1 innocent for every 25 guilty. Those ratios are UNACCEPTABLE for me.

2. Justice, a very complex idea. It has so many different things that you have to consider. Do we get justice for the victim or the murders family. The victim lost their life, but what wrong did the murder's family do? I think that it is tragic that the victim lost their life, but I don't think that means that the murder has to lose their life as well.

3. The truth is that you actually don't save any money. Both sides like to argue about saving money, but the truth is that no money is saved through capital punishment. Due to the many appeals that happen when the capital punishment is involved, the government actually ends up saving more money than losing when they keep a criminal in jail for life.

4. To be honest, if you have it in you to be able to kill someone then I don't think you would be worried about dying. Dying is like the easy way out for guilty murders. If sent to prison for a lifetime, then all they can do is think about their crimes. They have time to repent. I believe lifetime jail is the more severe punishment in this case

5. EXPLAIN: Steven was tried and charged with first degree murder in 1959, and was going to receive the capital punishment. Only days before the capital punishment, due to a technicality he was taken off death row, and instead got a life sentence. In 2007 all charges were dropped against him


7. This is a really big problem for me, because no matter the amount of precaution we take there will always be that one that slips through and gets the capital punishment when he/she is innocent. There have been actually cases in which people who shouldn't have received the capital punishment were given it. EX: Steven Truscott

8. The picture for this argument say's it all, if everyone were to start taking revenge, then there would be noone left to take revenge on

9. I don't think it will actually lower Crime Rate. People who are going to commit hideous crimes such as  murder and burglary have many reasons behind them, and I don't the prospect of capital punishment will keep them scared.

10. Arugument: We are all equal

10.1. EXPLAIN: We are all equal human beings, even if a life has been taken that does not mean another life needs to taken. All life is precious.

11. Argument: Easy way out

11.1. EXPLAIN: People believe that giving someone the capital punishment is a easy way for them to pay for their crimes. There is no pain, and they have no regret. It's the easy way out of a crime.

12. Argument: Save money

12.1. EXPLAIN: It is actually cheaper to keep someone in Jail, due to all the paperwork and appeals that come with the death penalty. We know it is cheaper because we can see through the numbers in CALIFORNIA

13. ARGUMENT:  We may kill innocent people.

13.1. EXPLAIN: Over the years, there have been multiple cases in which innocents have been put on death row, some weren't murdered but some actually were. No matter how well the system is designed, there is always a risk. We run the risk of killing innocent people.

14. Argument: Justice for the Victims Family

14.1. EXPLAIN: Since a member of the victims family was taken away, it is only fair that the criminal lose their life as well

15. Argument: Save Money

15.1. EXPLAIN: The argument is why should taxpayers have to pay for criminals to stay in prison for life. It would be cheaper to just kill them

16. Argument: It will lower Crime Rates

16.1. EXPLAIN: People argue that it will lower crimes because more people will be afraid, if they know that they could possibly get capital punishment.

17. Argument: A life for a life

17.1. EXPLAIN: Since one life was taken, that means that another life should also be taken.

18. To Bring Capital Punishment Back

19. To Keep Capital Punishment banned

20. My Opinion