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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Scope of Recommendations

1.1. 1. Decision makers at all levels need to be involved from local to national

1.2. 2. New Pedagogy

1.2.1. trained in IBSE

1.2.2. inquiry based

1.2.3. Creation of networks

1.3. 3. Girls participation raised

1.4. 4. Cities local community partnerships in renewal of science education acelerating pace of change through know-how

1.5. 5.Better comms between national activities and those funded at European level improved

1.5.1. Improved support through Framework Programme Initiatives Pollen Sinus The necessary level of support offered under the Science in Society (SIS) part of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development is estimated to be around 60 million euros over the next 6 years.

1.6. 6. Establishing of European Science Advisory Board

1.6.1. All Stakeholders

1.6.2. Within Science in Society [SiS] framework

2. IBSE Inquiry Based Science Education

2.1. Benefits

2.1.1. Increseases interest and attainment

2.1.2. Promotes girls' interests and participation

2.1.3. Useful across all agegroups

2.1.4. Increases teacher motivation

2.2. Recommendation

2.2.1. Should be blended with deductive approaches for different mindsets and age-groups

2.3. Pedagogy

2.3.1. Encourages collaboration between stakeholders of formal/ informal ed

2.3.2. Creates opportunities for involving other stakeholders firms scientists researchers engineers universities cities associations parents local resources

3. Summary

3.1. Decline in interest in Key Science & Maths

3.1.1. more effective action needed innovation needed quality of research in decline essential skills needed in society dependent on knowledge

3.1.2. Experts to examine pedagogoy look at cross-section of initiatives take out elements of know how and good practice effect radical change Enquiry based practice not being implemented on the ground fully enough

3.1.3. Renewal of science ed through enquiry based learning need to exploit fully the potential European level support for dissemination and integration.

4. Teachers

4.1. Networks crucial to complement traditional ITT underpinned by distance formal and informal learning opportunities often underpinned by ICT to drive and maintain communication between communities and expertise

4.1.1. Strategies Training for IBSE Sinus Pollen Exemplar document on web PDF PBL Problem Based Learning

5. Resources

5.1. French Website Context put in Google Translate

5.2. Pollen web site

5.3. US National Education Technology Plan

5.4. US National Education Technology Plan Summary

5.5. EU Report: Science Education Now