Intelligence Processing Speed Index (PSI)

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Intelligence Processing Speed Index (PSI) by Mind Map: Intelligence Processing Speed Index (PSI)

1. Broad to Narrow Abilities

1.1. Visual Processing

1.1.1. Visualizing

1.1.2. Speed Rotation

1.1.3. Closure Speed

1.1.4. Flexibility of Closure

1.1.5. Visual Memory

1.1.6. Spacial Scanning

1.1.7. Serial Perceptual Integration

1.1.8. Length Estimation

1.1.9. Perceptual Illusions

1.1.10. Perceptual Alternations

1.2. Auditory Processing

1.2.1. Phonetic Coding

1.2.2. Speech Sound Discrimination

1.2.3. Resistance to Auditory Stimulus Distortion

1.2.4. Memory for Sound Patterns

1.2.5. Maintaining & Judging Rhythms

1.2.6. Musical Discrimination & Judgement

1.2.7. Absolute Pitch

1.2.8. Sound Localization

1.2.9. Temporal Tracking

1.3. Processing Speed

1.3.1. Perceptual Speed

1.3.2. Rate of Test Taking

1.3.3. Number Facility

1.3.4. Reading Speed/Fluency

1.3.5. Writing Speed/Fluency

2. Sub-Tests

2.1. Coding-Digit Symbol:  Individuals copy symbols that are paired with simple geometric shapes or numbers within a specific time limit

2.2. Symbol Search:  Individuals scan a search group (abstract symbols) and indicate if a target symbol(s) matches any of the symbols in the search group within a specific time limit

2.3. Cancellation (optional):  Individuals scan both random and structured arrangement of pictures and marks target pictures within a specific time limit