Useful 2.0 Web Tools & Mobile Applications

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Useful 2.0 Web Tools & Mobile Applications by Mind Map: Useful 2.0 Web Tools &  Mobile Applications

1. Personal Use & Growth

1.1. Fitbit [M]

1.1.1. Used to track daily activity, workouts, sleep, and much more, all to improve andbetter a person's lifestyle

1.2. Twitter [M]

1.2.1. App used to connect with other people, colleagues, and business professionals and is also used as a tool to express one's self

1.3. Instagram [M]

1.3.1. Used to connect with people via pictures rather than words and allows a person to express him or herself with pictures and illustrations

1.4. Facebook [M]

1.4.1. An application used for keeping in touch with friends and family, groups, businesses and professionals through pictures and words. Various features of the app, it's ease of use, and ability to make it personable make it one of the hottest apps out there

1.5. Pinterest [M]

1.5.1. A fairly new application that allows for people to create and share to inspire and for other people to be inspired. Ranges from anything such as recipes and how-to's to fashion and tattoos

1.6. LinkedIn [W]

1.6.1. Tool created to connect people with people and people with opportunity.  It is great for meeting new people, job search, and finding employees

2. Learning Environment

2.1. [W]

2.1.1. Website that touches on all things sports and how to create a successful athletic program. It utilizes sport stories, resources, and information to guide program administrators and directors

2.2. Athlete by Design [W]

2.2.1. Podcast created by a father of two, coach, speaker, and author geared toward helping people be the best they can be in whatever they do (i.e. coaching, parenting, and performing)

2.3. Coach's Eye [M]

2.3.1. An innovative learning tool that allows coaches to video and analyze mechanics and performance and play back the video as a teaching tool to their athletes

2.4. RecruitU [M]

2.4.1. App that allows college coaches to place athletes with colleges and programs they feel will be the best fit athletically and academically for that athlete

2.5. Youtube [W]

2.5.1. Video sharing tool that allows up to 15 minutes of video time, making it a great tool for coaches and administrators to use for teaching or marketing the program

2.6. PocketAD [M]

2.6.1. App created by athletic directors that keeps checklists, to-do lists, and evaluations at the fingertips of administrators to make their job a little less hectic

2.7. [W]

2.7.1. A tool used by athletic administrators at the  college level for news, resources, jobs, and upcoming events that may better an individual and his or her career

3. Professional Use

3.1. Synergy Sports Technology [W]

3.1.1. Highly useful tool accessed by coaches of all sports and levels for data and stats on opposing teams and players. Also allows for self and team evaluation, statistics, and performance ratings

3.2. Remind 101 [M]

3.2.1. Communication tool that utilizes the latest technology such as text messaging to make sure students and athletes are aware of upcoming tests and assignments as well as games, practices, and workouts

3.3. [W]

3.3.1. Web tool that houses all of the sport information needed for the state of Indiana

3.4. [W]

3.4.1. Website that houses all of the information needed for collegiate sports

3.5. Group Me [M]

3.5.1. Communication app that allows for teams or groups to be in one messaging thread, making it easy for coaches to connect and be certain messages are being delivered

3.6. [W]

3.6.1. Great tool for student-athletes to be familiar with for degree completion programs and community service opportunities

3.7. Student Clearing House [W]

3.7.1. Website that parents, athletes, and administrators should be familiar with to ensure all necessary steps are followed for an athlete to continue his or her career at the collegiate level