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ICS 111 Fall 2016 by Mind Map: ICS 111 Fall 2016
5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

ICS 111 Fall 2016


Brian Mayeshiro

Terry Palomares

Kaiewa Bello

Fuquan Ruan

Justin Ho

Zane Woodard

What's the class about?

Introduction to Computer Science

Overview of computer science through writing programs in Java involving graphics, sound and interaction.

Student Outcomes

Previous Projects

What is programming like?


Jason Leigh


Jason Catiglione

Tyson Seto-Mook

Nurit Kirshenbaum

Class Location & Time

ART 132

Monday and Wednesday at 1:30pm - 2:45pm

Lab Location & Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays in either POST 318A or 319

Jason Castiglione

Nurit Kirshenbaum

Tyson Seto-Mook

Office Hours & Location

Jason Leigh

Jason Catiglione

Tyson Seto-Mook

Nurit Kirshenbaum

Additional Assistance

Code Academy

ICS Open Labs

Learning Emporium

Required Class Materials

Your own laptop

EZ Graphics





Open Broadcaster Software

Handing In Projects

Projects will be handed-in by uploading to Laulima under the ASSIGNMENT by the deadline indicated for the assignment.

Every project will have milestones with due dates for them.

Late work is accepted up to a week late but a 50% penalty will be imposed.

An assignment is considered late if the submission time is registered by Laulima as 1 minute past due date and time. No Exceptions.

Any subsequent RESUBMISSION of the assignment past the due date is considered a late submission even if the original submission was submitted on time.

To upload your project

The Labs

Installing and setting up Java and Eclipse

Bring your laptop to every class and every lab

Tues: Graded Lab mini-assignment (turn in at end of lab for points)

Thurs: Help on projects, then Graded Quiz & review

Login into your lab account


What NOT to do if you miss the first week or so of class


Projects - 41 points

Lab Assignments - 26 points

Achievement Quizzes - 39 points

Final Exam - 4 points

Extra Credit

What if I Miss a Lab or Quiz?

How to Compute Your Grade


ICS111 Just Enuf Java - availabe on Laulima under Resources

Java for Dummies (free from UH Digital Library)