Professional Health

A guide to professional student health at the Missouri School of Journalism. Created for J1010 Career Explorations in Journalism.

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Professional Health by Mind Map: Professional Health

1. Understanding Mental Health

1.1. The American Psychological Association offers guidance on how to overcome stress in one's life. Read the "Road to Resilience"

2. Access to resources on campus

2.1. If you're under stress, seek help! There are many people and resources to provide assistance on MU's campus.

2.1.1. MU Counseling Center Any undergraduate or graduate student can use the center's services which include individual and group counseling and workshops. Located on MU's campus, 119 Parker Hall

2.2. MU Wellness Center

2.2.1. The center can help you understand how you experience stress, identify your sources of stress, learn your stress signals, etc.

2.2.2. Located in the basement of the MU Student Student, G202

2.3. Emergency: 911 MU Police: 882-7201 Ask, Listen, Refer Website: (Suicide Prevention Training Program) Counseling Center: 882-6601 Disability Services: 882-4696 Domestic Violence: 573-875-0503 Financial Aid: 882-7506 International Center: 882-6007 LGBTQ Resource Center: 884-7750 MU Alert Website: Office of Student Conduct: 882-5543 RSVP: (Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention) Student Health: Veterans Center: Women's Center:

3. Online resources

3.1. U Lifeine is an a website offering online resources for college mental health

3.1.1. One of their programs, the Jed Foundation posts videos on mental health topics.

3.2. Project UROK posts comedy sketches, inspirational videos, podcasts and web series to help destigmatize mental health issues for young adults.