Reality Television

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Reality Television by Mind Map: Reality Television

1. Define unethical and corrupting

1.1. Use these definitions to either agree or disagree with the statement

1.2. Where is the line drawn between ethical and unethical television?

1.3. Where is the line drawn between corrupt and decent television?

2. Is there evidence to suggest that reality television is changing the viewers perception of people and relationships?

2.1. In what way?

2.2. Find correlations between reality television and the perception of people on relationships

3. How has society been affected by Reality television?

3.1. What is meant by society?

3.2. How much of society has access to reality television?

4. How does reality television bear little resemblance to real life?

4.1. What happens behind the scenes on reality television filming sets?

4.2. Do they have make-up artists and hair stylists?

4.3. Are they coerced to play 'roles' outside their normal personalities for ratings?

5. Establish what is meant by 'real life'?

5.1. Compare this to what is portrayed in reality television

6. How does reality television encourage superficial views?

6.1. What part of the brain decides an individuals views?

6.2. Is that part of the brain influenced by television?

7. Find out demographics of the viewers, does this increase or decrease the likelihood of corruption?

7.1. What/who is the targeted audience for reality television?

7.2. Are younger viewers corrupted more easily than older viewers?

8. What is the genres popularity?

8.1. Compare ratings between popular reality shows vs popular fictional shows

9. Could it be argued that all television is unethical and corrupting?

9.1. Are viewers aware that reality television isn't comletely real?

9.2. Does reality television have the same influence on viewers as fictional television?

9.3. Does this question underestimate the intellegence of the viewers?

10. What is reality television?

10.1. Definition of reality television

10.2. Which kind of reality television?

10.3. Is the news considered reality television?

11. What kind of programming is the question referring to?

11.1. Definition of programming

11.2. What context of programming?

11.3. Television programming? Or the programming of society through influence?