Ch. 6 & 7

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Ch. 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Ch. 6 & 7

1. Sexuality

1.1. This is a social & cultural issue

1.1.1. Nature of Brazilian reality

1.1.2. Embraced by young & old

1.1.3. Brazil is seen as an eroticized "tropical paradise"

1.1.4. Teens & young children are sexual & have sexual desires

1.2. Joking & teasing through verbal communication

1.2.1. Permissive & celebratory

1.2.2. Public flirtation is appreciated

1.3. Sense of bodily liberation

1.3.1. Clothing is worn to accentuate the body

1.3.2. Prefers buttocks over breasts

1.4. Used food & eating to express sexual ideas

1.4.1. Comer (To eat) - actively consume a person Males are entitled to do the eating

1.4.2. Females are to be consumed Viewed negatively if they are active consumers

1.4.3. Dar (Give) - Passive position of receivers

1.4.4. Eating refers to sexual power relations Men are eaters & women should be eaten Women expect men to be providers Eating is more powerful than being eaten

2. Male Homosexuality & Homoerotic

2.1. Upper class imported from Western Europe & North America

2.2. Sexual & Social identity is connected with sexual object choice

2.3. Lower class recognized as Homens & Bichas

2.3.1. Active & passive partners Homens are active Penetrate men but maintain masculinity Bichas are passive Receives penetration which compromises masculinity

2.4. Division of social & gender roles

2.5. Various subcultures

2.5.1. effeminate & non effeminate men

2.6. Boys initiated into anal eroticism with other boys through same-sex games

2.6.1. Initiated by older & stronger males using their power

3. Economic Expectations

3.1. Women expect men to be providers

3.1.1. Seek out men with resources & demand food Project Action Item Action Item Action Item Project Action Item Action Item Action Item

3.1.2. Leave relationships when men consume too much & produce too little Action Item Action Item Action Item

3.1.3. Lack of providence can cause deprivation os sex Action Item Action Item Action Item

3.1.4. Use of seduction gains monetary/food exchange Soneca transformed her man from consuming her into providing for her Gloria always found a man so her kids were never experienced hunger

3.2. Women complain about men being inadequate providers

3.2.1. Not making enough or not sharing enough for family needs

4. Relationships

4.1. Men should not be trusted in terms of fidelity

4.1.1. Fool around regardless of relationship status

4.1.2. Male sexuality is perceived as naturalized (animal like behavior)

4.1.3. Male privilege & male double standards

4.2. Women expected to be loyal

4.2.1. disloyalty shames & dishonors partners

5. Masculinization and Heterosexuality

5.1. Unhealthy for working-class men to go too long without sex

5.1.1. Provokes insanity

5.2. Boys are provided with sexual experiences to gain knowledge about sexual roles

5.2.1. Encouraged & expected to be active seducers

5.2.2. Gloria had Roberto take Lucas to lose his virginity with a prostitute

5.3. Male sexuality is both public & private

5.4. Action Item

5.5. Action Item

6. Humor

6.1. Stories about rape & violence were humorous but also revealed suffering

6.2. Used as a weapon to highlight/mask details of event

6.3. Used to disguise tales of troubled male-female relations & everyday life

6.4. Allows venting of anger about serious issues

6.5. Only resource in a universe of limited options for Blacks

6.6. Masks & reveals structures of hierarchies