Web 2.0 Tools

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Web 2.0 Tools by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools

1. Digital Communication

1.1. Group Tweet https://grouptweet.com/ -Allows multiple users on one twitter account.  Teachers could use this as a homework help line.  Students can post questions for all to see and teacher can receive feedback all in one place.

1.2. Remind https://www.remind.com/ -Allows easy texting to teachers and/or students.  A neat feature is you can schedule text to go out at a later time.  Remind is accessible on your computer or phone.  Easy to access your message history at anytime.

1.3. Kikutext https://kikutext.com/ -Much like Remind it allows teachers to communicate with parents.  One feature is teacher can communicate with a group or individual parent.  Also allows teacher to create templates that are reusable.  It also provides teacher to schedule messages and it stores message history.

2. E-learning Audio & Visual Tools

2.1. Jing https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html -This is a screen capture software that allows you to record up to five minutes of audio.  You can save your file and embed it in your website or store it online.

2.2. Vocaroo http://vocaroo.com/ -A simple way to record audio directly from the website.  You can also upload audio files directly on the website.  The audio can be emailed, embedded, and shared via URL.

2.3. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/ -With a free YouTube account you have access to use a webcam and record directly to the site.  If you want it to be a stand alone audio file you must take another step and convert your audio file to be YouTube friendly. Easy to embed and share your files from YouTube!

3. Presentation Tools

3.1. PowToons https://www.powtoon.com -Free presentation software that allows you to create animated presentations and videos!  This isn't your typical presentation.  It provides a twist on the traditional presentation tools.

3.2. Prezi https://prezi.com/- Presentation tool that adds motion and spatial dimension to be more than just slides.  Allows users to work online and/or offline while creating their presentation.

3.3. Emaze https://www.emaze.com/ -Takes presentations to the next notch.  Much like Prezi in its transitions, but goes beyond it because you can create 3D presentations.  There are also pre-made presentations that you can search via tags.

3.4. Google Slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/u/0/ -Directly linked to your Google account so allows for easy access and storage.  Similar to PowerPoint, but allows for easy collaboration.  Not as fancy as other presentation tools mentioned, but nice simple designs that get the job done.

4. Online Testing Material

4.1. Class Marker https://www.classmarker.com/ -Allows you to make online assessments that can be shared via a group or a link.  Images and other files can be embedded and it grades the test for you giving you instant feedback and results.

4.2. Quiz Works https://www.onlinequizcreator.com/ -Aimed at younger users and the interface is appealing to students.  Easy to create quizzes and include on your websites or blogs.

4.3. GoConqr https://www.goconqr.com/  -Was formally Exam Time, offers a little more than the others mentioned. GoConqr has a crowd-sourced resource bank and can be used online or offline.  It also offers online collaboration with other teachers and provides feedback from students.