Interest Areas

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Interest Areas by Mind Map: Interest Areas

1. What are interest areas?

1.1. The Missouri School of Journalism is made up of six core groups–Convergence Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Photojournalism, Print and Digital News, Radio-Television News and Strategic Communication.

1.1.1. Undergraduate degrees are awarded from one of these six areas.

1.1.2. Faculty oversee over 30 different specific interest areas in journalism and strategic communication under the umbrella of one of these core groups. For more information on any of the different interest areas, click the arrow to visit the Missouri School of Journalism's site.

2. What do interest areas mean for students?

2.1. Students at the Missouri School of Journalism can tailor their course of study to whatever aspect of journalism or strategic communication that interests them.

2.1.1. During a student's freshman and sophomore year while taking required pre-requisites, they should begin to investigate into what they are passionate about in journalism and strategic communication. This will help students when they apply for their interest area, usually sometime during their sophomore year. For more information and to access the Pre-Interest Area worksheet, click the arrow.

2.2. Every student, regardless of what interest area they choose will take one or several rigorous, hands-on method classes which will give them practical experience in whatever section of journalism or strategic communication they are interested in.

2.2.1. For example, students in all interest areas within Strategic Communication–such as Public Relations, Design and Account Management–will all take three core courses centered around the principles, research methods and design in strategic communication. To view the Strategic Communication worksheet for junior and senior students, click the arrow.

2.2.2. If a student is interested in any of the interest areas within Convergence, Print and Digital News, Radio-TV News and Photojournalism, he or she will take a core reporting course before furthering specializing in what they are interested in.

2.3. Choosing a specific interest area at the Missouri School of Journalism won't guarantee a student a specific career within a certain field, but the coursework will serve as a guideline for a future career.

2.3.1. For example, if a student chooses an interest area in the Radio-TV News department, their coursework at KOMU-TV will offer prepare them for a potential career in the broadcast media industry.