Strategic Communication

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Strategic Communication by Mind Map: Strategic Communication

1. What is Strategic Communication?

1.1. Strategic Communication is the largest emphasis area in the Missouri School of Journalism, and students can choose from many different interest areas.

1.1.1. Strategic Communication: Account Management

1.1.2. Strategic Communication: Art Direction

1.1.3. Strategic Communication: Copywriting

1.1.4. Strategic Communication: Digital Strategy

1.1.5. Strategic Communication: Media Planning

1.1.6. Strategic Communication: Public Relations

1.1.7. Strategic Communication: Research

1.1.8. Strategic Communication: Video Storytelling

1.1.9. To learn more about the specific interest areas, click the arrow.

1.2. Students in Strategic Communication learn about consumer behavior, the principles of strategic communication and are immersed in design, visual communication and copywriting for a communication agency, brand or media company

1.2.1. Students take these skills to pursue career paths in advertising, corporate marketing, social media marketing and range of new media opportunities.

2. What is it like to be a Strategic Communication student?

2.1. Students take three core Strategic Communication courses, regardless of what specific Interest Area they choose later–Principles of Strategic Communication, Introduction to Strategic Writing and Design and Strategic Communication Research I.

2.1.1. To see more courses Strategic Communication students take, click the arrow.

2.2. Strategic Communication students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience from working at MOJO Ad or AdZou, two fully-functioning communication agencies.

2.2.1. MOJO Ad is a full service agency at the Missouri School of Journalism that hand-picks senior students for its staff. The agency works with national clients from Redbox to Purina and is fully run by Missouri School of Journalism students. To learn more information about MOJO, click the arrow.

2.2.2. AdZou is also a full service communication agency comprised of Missouri School of Journalism students. Students working at AdZou can take on a variety of different communication roles and gain experience working with real-world clients such as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Fox Sports Midwest. Click the arrow to learn more about AdZou.