Radio-TV Journalism

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Radio-TV Journalism by Mind Map: Radio-TV Journalism

1. What is Radio-Television Journalism?

1.1. Radio-Television Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism teaches students about how to structure, write, build and present a newscast for broadcast media.

1.2. Students get hands-on experience working in broadcast media through their coursework in Radio-Television Journalism. There are several interest areas available to those interested in pursuing a career in broadcast media.

1.2.1. Radio-Television Producing

1.2.2. Radio-Television Reporting and Anchoring

1.2.3. Radio-Television Sports Journalism

1.2.4. To learn more about these interest areas, click the arrow.

2. What is it like to be a Radio-Television student?

2.1. All Radio-Television students take reporting and producing courses at KBIA News and KOMU-TV, where they get hands-on experience working for well-respected broadcast networks.

2.1.1. Students can practice the Missouri Method by working at KBIA News, mid-Missouri's National Public Radio affiliate. KBIA broadcasts daily radio shows and news as well as having an online news site. To learn more about KBIA, click the arrow.

2.1.2. Students can also practice the Missouri Method by working at KOMU-TV, Columbia, Missouri's NBC affiliate. KOMU-TV broadcast multiple newscasts each day and runs an online website. To learn more about KOMU-TV, click the arrow.