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REIC by Mind Map: REIC

1. Resources

1.1. Team Members

1.1.1. Samantha Durfey - Client Relationship Manager [email protected]

1.1.2. Devin Stagg - Jr. Digital Marketer [email protected]

1.1.3. Devin Wilson - Director [email protected]

1.2. Foxtail Analytics

1.3. Teamwork


2.1. GOALS

2.1.1. 20 Course Signups a month

2.1.2. 10 New Member a month

2.1.3. They average about 1000 students per year, want to have about 100 new or repeating students within 6 months

2.2. Buyer Personas

2.2.1. Sally Real Estate Expert 35 to 50 years old Located in Canada Male and Female Wants to Advance Real Estate Career Already Employed Real Estate Firm Independent Real Estate Leasing Property Management Looking for additional knowledge/training

2.2.2. Prospective Real Estate Sales PRofessional/Property Managers Age 35 to 50 Located in Canada Looking to enter Real Estate as a career Both male and female

2.2.3. Real Estate Firm Local/National Brokerages National/International corporations Government Agencies Local Companies

2.3. Customer Journey

2.3.1. Source: Search Customer realizes they need additional knowledge and training, or they are looking for a designation in a specific area. Customer finds REIC's site and searches through course catalog Customer decides on one specific course they will attend and registers

2.3.2. Source: Ads Customer discovers ad on social network or is remarketed to on Google Customer follows ad to clients website Customer browses course catalog and decides on one specific course

2.4. Questions

2.5. Competitors

2.5.1. Facility management courses, designations

2.5.2. Partnership, REIC provides their education in Canada

2.5.3. (NAR) Partnership

2.5.4. Some Associations: FRPO

3. Opportunities

3.1. Conversion Optimization

3.1.1. After skimming your site we have realized it isn't very intuitive on how to finalize registrations and where to find information. We also realized the site creates a lot of tabs when you are browsing the site. We suggest have a conversion optimization report created and implement these changes on-site to help users navigate their site.

3.1.2. Conversion optimization is how a user navigates the site and is used to make navigation easier. This allows for conversions to be increased.

4. Deployment Strategies

4.1. Email

4.2. SEO

4.3. Social Media Promotion

5. SEO Strategy

5.1. Link Building

5.1.1. Monthly Link Building (1 DA 50+)

6. Content Strategy

6.1. Blog Posts (2 high-quality blog/mo)

6.1.1. How to Advance Your Real Estate Credentials

6.1.2. 4 Top Ethics Issues Today

6.1.3. 5 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

6.1.4. 7 Tips on Building Your Professional Reputation

6.1.5. 5 Best Things About Working in the Real Estate Industry

6.1.6. 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Property Manager

6.1.7. 4 Tools to Hep You Stay Competitive in Property Management

6.1.8. Why Realtors Need to Use Social Media to Promote Their Business

7. Ad Strategy

7.1. Facebook

7.1.1. Remarketing Campaign REIC builds real estate careers by advancing knowledge of the real estate industry by offering various courses, certifications, and designations. send to remarketing landing page

7.1.2. Maintain Targeted Ads Landing Page We are a leading provider of training & certifications for real estate professionals.

7.1.3. Blog Promotions 1/Month

7.2. Adwords

7.2.1. Remarketing Ad Copy Creation Advance Your Real Estate Career

7.2.2. PPC Ad Groups Courses Designations

7.3. Strategy

7.3.1. In the past LinkedIn has been a great platform for us to help spread awareness of your account and business. Although, moving forward we feel that PPC is going to be a better network for us to gather leads and nurture them to register for courses. The cost will be relatively similar to LinkedIn, but we will be able to get more site visitors for the same amount of money.

8. Email Strategy

8.1. Marketing Automation

8.1.1. New Lead Nurture This nurture will be put into place for individuals that give us their contact information through form fills from ads. Goal: Increase course and designation sign ups by nurturing individuals on REIC and course information. Our idea behind this is that real estate professionals are busy, but they access their emails frequently, so we will send them the information they would find browsing the site through their email, and help them get this information in a way that is easy for them Write Emails Deploy Campaigns Email #1: Thank individual for signing up and leave links for calendar of courses, registration directions, and the document on how to choose course. CTA: Register Today! Email #2: Include content (blogs,ebook, infographics, etc.) to help inform individuals on courses and REIC. CTA: Browse Course Catalog Email #3: Additional content to provide more information. CTA: Register Today, or Contact us for more questions!

8.2. Newsletter

8.2.1. This is something we will implement after the nurture is finished. Expected to start in November.

8.2.2. Outline Newsletter Template Blog Snippet Featured Course Featured Designation Testimonial

8.2.3. Create

8.2.4. Deploy