Reality Television

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Reality Television by Mind Map: Reality Television

1. Impact on Society and Relationships

1.1. Can shows create unrealistic expectations of what love and relationships should be. Eg shows such as the Bachelor.

1.2. Can certain shows encourage and bring us together as a family? such as "My kitchen rules" and "Master chef".

1.3. What can they teach us?

2. Benefits of Reality TV

2.1. Does it bring families together of an evening to watch a program and opens new topics to discuss?

2.2. Does it motivate us as viewers to explore our talents, such a cooking or renovating, through such shows a "My kitchen rules" or "The Block"

2.3. Raising awareness to issues viewers face in society today? Such as a decrease in Teen pregnancy in America through its realty program "Teen Mom"

3. Examples of Reality TV

3.1. Keeping up with the Kardashians

3.2. Master Chef

3.3. The Bachelor or Bachelorette

3.4. The Real housewives

3.5. The voice

3.6. Teen Mom

4. Unethical and Corrupting

4.1. Are ALL forms of reality programs unethical and corrupting to society?

4.2. Keeping up with the Kardashians Vs Mastechef

4.3. Does our own vulnerability play a part in this?

5. Superficial Veiws

5.1. How "Real" is it?

5.2. What affects its reality?

5.3. Editing