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Logistics by Mind Map: Logistics

1. Logistics 5-Year Plan

1.1. Logistics 3.0 AOP Mind Map

1.1.1. GeoBox Conversion > Columbus

1.2. Logistics 4.0 AOP Mind Map

1.3. Logistics 5.0 AOP Mind Map

1.4. Logistics v 6

2. Logistics 2.0 AOP Mind Map

2.1. GeoBox Conversion

2.1.1. Chillocothe > Oct 16

2.1.2. Hamilton > Jan 17

2.1.3. Circleville to Chillocothe > March 17

2.2. Re-Route

2.2.1. Athens

2.3. Software Upgrades

2.3.1. GreenMile

2.3.2. RoadNet

2.4. Software Evaluation

2.5. Swift Kanban

2.5.1. Goals Centralization & Prioritization of all captured opportunities Develop a "Sprint Ability" within the team

2.6. Staffing Architecture

2.6.1. NEW:  Routing

2.6.2. Todd S

2.6.3. Matt R SQL Education Power BI Education

2.6.4. Joe J Re-Routing Rampup Time Line Sept:  Route:  Combo | GEO | Juice Oct:   Re-Route Training

2.6.5. Tracy H

2.6.6. Cory W

2.6.7. NEW: Other

2.7. Power Business Intelligence (P-BI)

2.7.1. Centralized Data Profiles on SQL Database on Azure Data Sources Access RoadNet GreenMile VIP VMMS Sign/Printing Demographic Great Plains Accounting  ??? ADP OTHER

2.7.2. P-BI: Sales Retail Dashboard  Staff Groupings Internal Reports: Summary Dashboards Internal Reports:  Account Level Dashboards Strategic Selling Customer Dashboard Tabs On-Premise Existing Customers New Customers

2.7.3. P-BI: Sales Ops Retail Dashboard  Staff Groupings Internal Reports: Summary Dashboards Internal Reports:  Detail Level Dashboards On-Premise Dashboard  Staff Groupings Internal Reports: Summary Dashboards Internal Reports:  Account Level Dashboards

2.7.4. P-BI:  Logistics Add-ons Over/Under Serviced Off Day Deliveries ASN Accuracy OT Hours Vol by day by account Routes by Day Stops by Day TAM - orders by day by route Merch hits per week FS Less than X TS Less than X Record: non-buying  repeats FS machine/route/day CSR Orders / day CSR skipped orders CSR calls per day

2.8. DRAFT Milestones

2.8.1. Sept Router Ramp-up Methodology Logistics AOP Package to John D New Hire Listing

2.8.2. Oct New Router Hire & Training Re-routing training & plan build

2.8.3. Nov SQL Training PBI Training New Router Routing with Matt as support backup & QC

2.8.4. Dec New router independent Access migration to SQL Data Services  ID

2.8.5. Jan Access to SQL Completion Data Services ID Data P-BI Services Centralization in SQL Re-route Athens

2.8.6. Feb TAM Beta Dashboards Phase I  with Feedback loops in-place Consulting P-BI at field level

2.8.7. Mar

2.8.8. April

2.8.9. May

2.8.10. Jun

2.8.11. July

2.8.12. Aug

3. Proactive Elements

3.1. Centralized Work-scape

4. Reactive Elements

4.1. Re-routing / fine tunes

4.2. Systems Evolution/Upgrades

4.3. System Adoption/Training

4.4. Drive G&J Operational  Strategy

4.5. Data Quality

5. Cross Departmental Logistical Development

5.1. Human Resources

5.1.1. TAM, BDR Power BI: Strategic Selling

5.2. IT

6. Ideas to place

6.1. CRM System

6.2. Training Videos - TAMs

6.3. Web Ordering

6.4. Scheduling Software

6.4.1. Forecast : Merch Service Levels

6.5. ROI  by machine

6.6. Software Search Due Diligence

6.7. MM inside Log Team

6.8. CSR &  Web Ordering Portal

6.9. BDR & CRM Software

6.10. CRM Software

6.11. Web Ordering Portal

7. Needs To Achieve