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Niche Blogging Network by Mind Map: Niche Blogging Network
5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

Niche Blogging Network


Niche Discovery

Niche Research

Keyword Research, Harvest Keywords, Rank topics, Get Idea of Main Categories

Social Bookmarking Profiles, Bookmark Research for Posts, Set up Auto Poster

Install Wordpress

Fast Install

Upload Plugins and Themes

Import Generic Database Dump

Set up Sidebars

Create Categories

Feedburner Account, SEO Friendly Redirect, Feedflares

Google Analytics (Piwik)

Set up Roboform/Fireform details

Flagship Posts

Static Promotion Algorithm

All, Ebooks, Software, Social Network Profiles, Videos, Slideshows, Screencasts, Interviews, Social Bookmarks, Feed Directories, Article Marketing, Podcasts

Case By Case, OnSite Tools, Firefox Addons, Widget Marketing, Css Directories, Press Releases, Free Themes, Wordpress Plugins, Linkbait, ShareAPost, Paid Link Campaigns, PPC

Niche, Niche Directories


Per Post, Research Post Via Blog Search (Note Dofollow), Write 3 or 4 main points., Write Post, Look for trackback possibilities in Blog Search, Any Related Products to link to?, Post Promotion Algorithm, Find DoFollow and CommentLuv commenting possibilities. If not commentluv, link to the direct post., Load alinks with new keywords, Blog Carnivals, Let Wordpress Plugins Work, Ping, Auto Bookmark, BloggingZoom

In the network, Post Frequency, News Watching, Networking, Forums, Social Network, Commenting


Per Blog Dashboard

Possiblities, iGoogle, Net Vibes

Content, Trends, Google Trends, Meme Tracking, Keyword Data, Feeds, Keyword Based Filters, Social Network Feeds, News and Press, Videos, Bookmarks, Podcasts, Forums, Status Updates, Stats

To Do List

Software for Building Interlinks and Related Links

The Black Box, Sphinx, Nutch, Piwik, Gregarius, Yet Unknown Ranking Checker, Yet Unknown PPC API Access, Affiliate Sales Database

Methods of Delivery, Reblogging, Related links widget., Interlink to own network and dofollow blogs, Onsite landing pages vs. direct links, Per Blog Dashboard

Batch Duty Aggregation

Email, Comments, Contact Forms, Freind Notification

Feeds, Global To Do List, Social Messages and Comments